New Office Furniture Collections & Solutions for 2018-2019

At Environments, we like to stay ahead of the trends and offer innovative furniture collections for all of our customers. We’re proud to work on the…

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Tips for Effective Office Move Management

Whenever an office relocation is required, the complex moving process begins. Inventory and equipment need to be catalogued, schedules need to be…

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Office Furniture | Environments Denver

Should You Purchase Up-Front, Purchase Through a Loan, or Lease Your Office Furniture?

When it comes to furnishing a workspace, spending wisely is vital. Providing a comfortable and productive office has to be balanced with the cost of…

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How Furniture Manufacturers Promote Sustainability

One of the biggest challenges business face today is utilizing sustainable practices, even when it comes to office design. Thankfully, a large number…

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Unique Design Challenges for Technology Companies

Tech companies are dynamic, quickly evolving entities that require a design strategy to match. Environments Denver has years of experience designing…

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The Best Office Chairs for Promoting Good Posture

When you’re at work, you should be comfortable. Your office should be designed in a way that promotes positivity, collaboration, and productivity. It…

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Everything You Need to Know about NeoCon 2018

From June 11th-13th, The Mart in Chicago transforms into the design industry’s Mecca.  NeoCon is the commercial design industry’s conference…

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Residential Style in Commercial Offices: Mid-Century Modern Design

Residential-style workspaces are increasingly popular in commercial offices around the country. Think about couches, coffee tables, floor lamps, and…

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Blue lobby couch with wood trim

The Corporate Office is Starting to Look More Like Home

It’s no coincidence that the corporate office is starting to feel a little more like home. Assisted by modern technology, the line is blurring…

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