Office design trends are forever evolving. Each year, top designers create furniture, textiles, and lighting fixtures that help define what is in vogue. Color, pattern, and shape are vital components of these new styles. However, office trends are not based purely in aesthetics. Productivity is paramount in the workplace, so cutting edge design often innovates to best promote an efficient office. Therefore, it’s important to stay abreast of the newest trends, as they can keep your workplace looking great and bringing out the best in employees.

Here are our favorite office design trends that will be in style for 2019.

Industrial Style

Chrome, aluminum, and steel are being utilized increasingly more in the bases and frames of many designer tables and chairs. These metallic touches add a texture and shine that are particularly effective when contrasted with materials like wood and leather. A bold brushed steel or satin-finish aluminum adds an industrial slant that accents and blends with both retro and mid-century modern designs. The style can be as bold or subtle as you like, and provides a diversity of materials from which to mix and match to best fit your office.

More Artwork

With the rising popularity of creative, flexible office design, the workplace no longer needs to be uniform or plain. Personality and flair are more valued than ever, which means that artwork has found its way into the office. The options are limitless, but it’s a good idea to allow groups of employees a say in the art that will be decorating their particular section of the office. Research indicates that individuals are happier and more productive when given more autonomy over their working environments.

Artwork can also be utilized in more communal spaces as a means of celebrating and communicating the ethos of the business. Incorporate company logos, motivational text, and mission statements into pieces of art that reflect your company’s image. We are experienced in curating quality custom artwork that fits your space and your aesthetic.

Biophilic Design

As research continues to uncover links between green spaces and increased well-being and productivity, employers are finding more ways to incorporate plant life and natural materials into the workplace. This “biophilic” design strategy aims to link the indoor office with elements we would normally find outdoors. The beauty is that you can achieve the benefits of this approach with a wide range of additions.

Keep it simple with potted plants and an office layout that prioritizes window access and natural light exposure. Or take a more elaborate approach and convert one of your walls into a living green wall — a vertical panel designed to hold and grow dozens of plants. Look for opportunities to utilize wood and stone, as well. We offer beautiful products like Darran’s Grove table collection, which highlights the unique grain of acacia trees in every piece. Biophilic design looks great, and offers many of the upsides of spending time in a natural environment.

From industrial furniture accents to personal artwork to beautiful natural elements, 2019’s design trends are diverse and accessible options for any office. At Environments, we stay abreast of all the best trends, offering the most cutting edge products available. No matter the size and aesthetic of your workplace, we can help you incorporate the trends that best fit your needs. Contact us today to learn about our products and services.