From the newest concepts in office furniture design trends to tried-and-true styles, the Environments team offers insights into the latest trends in the articles below.

Designing Waiting Rooms -Making Clients Feel Comfortable

Designing Waiting Rooms: Making Clients Feel Comfortable

Often, it’s not you or your company’s representative that makes the first impression on a client but your business space. More precisely, it’s your…

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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility: Green Office Furniture Choices

In today's business landscape, where sustainability and corporate responsibility are valued and even scrutinized, the choices you make for your…

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The Impact of Color and Design in Office Furniture Selection

Is a chair always just a chair? Not if you want your surroundings to facilitate an optimal work environment. In the world of office design, the…

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Office Acoustics Set up

Office Acoustics: Tips for Striking the Perfect Balance

When planning commercial office design, aesthetics are typically the number one concern that clients have. Although it’s important to create a…

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Office Relaxation Area

The Importance of Relaxation Areas in the Workplace

Study after study reports that American workers are under increasing amounts of stress. Whether it’s the pressure to perform well or a culture that…

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biophilic elements in healthcare interior design

Why You Should Consider Biophilic Design in Healthcare

If you’re in the midst of planning a new healthcare space or redesigning an existing building, you may be interested in incorporating elements of…

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Office Design that Encourages Creativity and Innovation

How to Design a Space That Encourages Creativity and Innovation

Thinking about upgrading the office? If employees are spending more time in the workplace, you may be interested in a redesign that sparks creativity…

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Art and Décor in Your Office Space

The Impact of Art and Décor in Your Office Space

Whether you’re looking for ways to breathe new life into the workplace or you’re in the exciting process of designing a brand-new office, art and…

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modern office furniture

Office Organization Ideas For a More Efficient Workspace

A cluttered and disorganized workplace can take a serious toll on productivity and even have a negative impact on employees’ and visitors’ mood. If…

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outdoor furniture brands

Our Designers’ Favorite Outdoor Furniture Brands, Pieces, and Collections

With summer on the horizon, you may be on the search for outdoor furniture options for the workplace. Offering multiple workstations is great for…

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Contemporary Office Furniture

How Curves Can Transform a Space

Could your office benefit from updates to soften harsh lines or add depth? If you’re on the search for elements of design that will create an…

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Office Interior Design

A Guide to Current Interior Design Trends

Whether you’re in the process of designing a new space from scratch or upgrading your current building, you may prefer to incorporate contemporary…

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