When you’re at work, you should be comfortable. Your office should be designed in a way that promotes positivity, collaboration, and productivity. It should also have design features that support good health. Aside from encouraging movement, the easiest way to help your employees be healthy is by offering seating options that promote good posture. Whether you’re sitting or standing, bad posture can cause serious health risks like back and neck pain, headaches, and gastrointestinal issues. Sitting in a poorly designed chair all day can intensify these problems.  Thankfully, office furniture has come a long way toward creating ergonomic chairs that ensure the health of your spine. Environments Denver has compiled a list of the most-effective, highest-rated, and best-selling office chairs designed to support you while you work.

 G20 by Global Furniture Group

This sleek, modern chair addresses all your needs. The tilter adjusts to your body weight automatically while you have complete control over the lumbar support. The mesh adds breathability and flexibility so you’ll never overheat or feel forced into a position. You can also adjust seat depth, height, and arm rests to make the chair your perfect fit.

Loover by Global Furniture Group

The Loover’s simple design belies its technologically advanced structure. Its focus is on its personalized tilt adjuster, so each chair fits each person’s tension needs. Lumbar support is built into the paneled frame of the back, allowing for personalization via a hidden ratchet system.  The Loover also features a pneumatic lift that smoothly and slowly lowers or raises the seat level, giving the user the ability to find the perfect height.

ObusForme by Global Furniture Group

The classic design of this office chair hides its revolutionary support system. The ObusForme is framed around a structure that cradles your spine’s natural S curve for optimal comfort. The suspension system provides even and gentle support where your back needs it most, and adjustable lumbar support is available.

Vion by Global Furniture Group

The elegant Vion is a Level 3 and Greenguard Gold certified chair, bringing it closer to LEED certification. The design features five different ergonomic control options to suit your needs. It also comes with an optional lumbar support and/or memory foam seat. The customizability for the Vion makes it a great chair for a coherent design space while meeting the individual needs of employees.

Torsa by SitOnIt

The Torsa is an excellent task chair with the user’s comfort foremost in its design. The chair comes with SitOnIt’s Comfort Drive, which allows for an easy adjustment of the chair’s features. The ergonomic design aids in maintaining a proper posture while the mesh back enhances breathability and customized support for your spine.

Wit by SitOnIt

Wit is the dream adjustable chair. Users control the lumbar support, height, arm height, and more. The chair’s bright color scheme and sleek styling make it an excellent choice for modern spaces. Wit comes with either a mesh back or SitOnIt’s Thintex, a material that provides a light and thin cushion-like comfort. Either material you choose offers a supportive layer that feels like memory foam but never loses its support or spring.

Your office design and layout is an important reflection of your company, which is where Environments  comes in. We are dedicated to ensuring a workspace that is on-trend and both employee- and environmentally-friendly. Let our design team aid in your company’s success, whether that’s through office furniture that promotes good posture, or by picking the best color schemes for productivity. If you’re looking for an office design that supports its employee, contact us today.