Whenever an office relocation is required, the complex moving process begins. Inventory and equipment need to be catalogued, schedules need to be made, and employees need to be notified. Between this early stage and the first few weeks after the move, a plethora of factors must be considered. To avoid the hassle, you can utilize office move management services from an expert team like Environments. Whether you obtain the aid of professionals or handle it all yourself, here are some tips for effectively managing an office move.

Plan for People

Moves often require organizing and accounting for a breadth of office equipment and inventory, but it’s important to consider the people who may be affected by the move. Relocations may be stressful to employees, as new environments often require a shift in daily routine.

From large changes like a new commute to small changes like the locations of the nearest coffee and lunch spots, there is likely to be an adjustment period for every employee making the move. Understand and plan for these changes. Communicate details of nearby public transit and parking options, and consider providing coffee and catered lunches in your breakroom for the first week or so. By making these small but significant plans, you can avoid overwhelming employees and ensure that the transition to a new location is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Communicate Clearly and Consistently

During times of change, communication between managers and employees is crucial. Well before the move, provide employees with information about the new location, scheduling details, and how the transition will affect normal work responsibilities. Take the time to express the reasons behind the relocation, and all the benefits it will provide. Open a dialogue with employees, both via email and in person, where questions and concerns can be exchanged and alleviated. Doing so will allow you to understand and address any anxieties circulating through the office.

It’s imperative to provide a consistent stream of communication in the form of daily or weekly updates. When employees know the current status of plans and schedules surrounding the move, they’re likely to feel less anxious about the entire process.

Involve Employees 

Consider involving employees in decisions that pertain to the new location. This can range from the desired layout of an office or breakroom to the color of the walls. Send out a survey that asks employees what kind of services or tools they may like to see implemented at the new location. Providing an outlet for action helps engage individuals and ensures that each employee feels like an important part of the team.

Utilize Professional Move Management Services

Relocation is often a huge undertaking, regardless of office size. There is a lot to consider — from cataloguing and packing many different types of supplies and equipment, to organizing and managing a team of employees who may all have differing questions and concerns about the move. On top of this, you may need to hire movers, organize scheduling for an IT team, and coordinate move-in and move-out times with building management.

Fortunately, Environments provides a comprehensive move management service that organizes and carries out every step of the move, so that you can avoid the hassle and be confident that all is taken care of. We customize and distribute schedules to each employee, alongside detailed information on the packaging and tagging processes. We always perform pre- and post-move walk-throughs, and include onsite supervision to ensure that the entire operation moves as efficiently and stress-free as possible. Should you need new furniture, our selection is unmatched, and any piece can be seamlessly incorporated into the moving plan. With our move management service, no detail is spared.

Contact us today and let us take all the anxiety out of your next move.