When considering an office redesign, visualizing the interior prior to purchasing furniture, fixtures, and décor is crucial. At Environments Denver, we create virtual presentations so you can conceptualize how selected products will look in real time. Here, we highlight the importance of using virtual presentations during the modern office design process.

Visualize the Space

With an array of styles, themes, and décor available, planning an office redesign can be overwhelming. Simply selecting a color scheme is daunting, much less making sure each office chair, lamp, or shelf is cohesive and fits within its allotted space. Our 2D and 3D renderings allow for a better visualization of an office’s design potential, assisting in the overall design process.

Make Adjustments

Even though you may feel confident in your décor selections, it’s not only comforting, but cost-effective to have the opportunity to envision the space before you make a purchase. You may discover that the shape of the intended conference room table doesn’t coordinate with the selected seating you chose. Prior to the actual purchase, Environments lets you swap out products to see which fit best, giving you the option to alter the space until you are satisfied with the 2D or 3D display.

Order Custom Furniture

Perhaps you envision a totally unique desk, or need to optimize shelving for peak storage space. We provide detailed shop drawings for custom furniture and work with an array of experienced partners who are adept at creating beautiful, quality pieces. We also offer a selection of finishes and fabric options, meaning your office will look exactly how you imagined. Gone are the days of standard, uninspired office furniture. Environments’ custom furniture design facilitates the creation of a space that better communicates your brand, while staying on budget.

Color Consultation

Implementing splashes of color throughout the office has the ability to enliven the space, inspire employees, and foster positive energy. If you would like to brighten up the office’s interior with color, we offer a color consultation that demonstrates how each color will present in your office.

Save on Enhancements

Improve the workplace flawlessly the first time by selecting high-quality furnishings and décor that the staff and clients will love. By partnering with our design team, we are confident you will love your new office aesthetic and won’t need to redecorate any time soon.

Environments Denver takes pride in designing workplaces whose décor showcases the ethos and focus of the company.  We believe in the power of modern office design and delight in outfitting spaces that inspire all those who enter. Our virtual presentations help exemplify how interior decorating styles and furniture selections will fit in your current office space. Contact us for a free consultation today.