2019 saw the arrival of many new office furniture design trends that facilitated efficiency and productivity while improving employee health and well-being. Gone are the days of basic furniture and plain paint colors. Offices are seeking to engage and excite staff through fresh and innovative design. The modern workplace is constantly evolving, so its design should as well. Here’s how to tell that it’s time for an office redesign.

Office Design Should Reflect Your Brand

You invested time in building a cohesive website, advertisements, content, and business cards that are reflective of your company’s brand. If your brand’s colors, design styles, fonts, and messaging are consistent throughout, then why shouldn’t it be that way in the office, as well? For instance, if your company sells organic food, then an open space floor plan painted with earth tones, furnished with soft, inviting furniture, and infused with plenty of natural light could reflect your business quite well. The workspace should mirror the company it houses so that when clients arrive, the first impressions they receive are accurate and memorable.

Workspace Décor Strengthens Company Culture

Now more than ever, jobseekers have a strong desire to find a company that aligns with their personal life, morals, and ethics. They look for a business that cares about the health and well-being of its employees. Use your office space to attract and retain employees by designing it with the user in mind. Encourage teamwork and break time by incorporating gathering spaces and breakout zones. Design the exterior to include ample seating and tables where staff can relax and step away from the work atmosphere for a moment.

Rethink the Use of Space to Boost Output

The needs of a new start-up company differ greatly from the needs of a tenured business. As a company evolves, its needs begin to shift. Perhaps you want to hire more employees, but the working space is limited by your current set-up. Or, perhaps the need to host additional meetings and conferences has grown and your present design doesn’t include a comfortable group space. Furniture and décor have evolved alongside office trends and now offer innovative ways to save space without sacrificing style.

Impress and Attract Clients with an Attractive Office

Traditionally, the office was a place to show up and conduct business during the week. However, as industries innovate and transform, there is a growing need for the work place to be more than just a place to punch in and punch out. A welcoming office design can act as a gathering place for current and future clients. Host a luncheon or happy hour to say thank you and show off your unique space. It’s important that staff and clients connect on personal levels outside of work, and a hospitable office atmosphere can provide the perfect space for this.

A well-designed workspace has the ability to inspire, engage, connect, and generate revenue. Environments Denver stays current on the latest office furniture design trends and provides functional, stylish furnishings to give your place of business the redesign it needs to better reflect your brand, boost staff morale, and attract new business. If you feel that your office could benefit from a redesign, or for general design advice, give us a call!