One of the biggest challenges business face today is utilizing sustainable practices, even when it comes to office design. Thankfully, a large number of furniture manufacturers are dedicated to sustainable business practices that make it easy for their clients to become LEED™ certified offices. At Environments Denver, we can help you design and furnish an office that is not only stylish, modern, and utile, but also one that honors and protects the planet’s natural resources. Here is how a number of our partners promote sustainability.

ISO-14001 manufacturing facilities

Many of the manufacturers we use operate in ISO-14001 facilities. This standard, created by the International Organization for Standardization, is for an environmental management system. Companies that use the 14001 standard are motivated to manage the negative impacts of their business on the environment. Requirements of the standard include: enhancing environmental performance, tracking adherence to goals, and maintaining and implementing the most up-to-date knowledge of sustainable practices. In essence, the furniture manufacturers we work with are using the best business practices for the planet.

FSC-Certified forests

The wood furniture purchased through Environments Denver is likely to be from an FSC-certified forest. The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization dedicated to the management and protection of the world’s forests. Those with this certification only receive lumber from areas that are maintained by the FSC to prevent mass deforestation and increased carbon dioxide output.

Greenguard Certified products

Most people don’t realize that furniture can emit harmful pollution indoors. This pollution comes from the chemicals used in furniture manufacturing, and it can cause serious health problems. Many of our partners offer Greenguard Certified products. The Greenguard Certification is one of the most rigorous in the world, and requires that products be manufactured in a way that does not harm indoor air quality. Products with this certification are the lowest-emitting items on the market, ensuring that indoor spaces have excellent air quality.

By working with Environments and our partners, businesses earn points toward a LEED ™ certification. We can advise you on the best furniture and products to help you reach this official recognition. To get started on turning your office into a sustainable space, contact us now.