The color black is utilized throughout art, fashion, and architecture to communicate power, courage, and strength. Its striking impression is captivating and alluring without overwhelming the senses. When planning a commercial office design, consider implementing this bold color to underscore your brand and beautify your workplace. Here are some simple and effective ways to incorporate black into your office aesthetic.

Noir Wall Paint

Dark paint colors, like varying shades of black, dictate the mood of any room and produce strong, emotive responses. Black wall paint is sleek and neutral, meaning it can drag a space out of the doldrums and into modernity. This dark shade can also blend with current décor and make artwork, light fixtures, or other brightly-colored furnishings pop. To avoid darkening a space with black paint, apply it to an accent wall or utilize it in a room that receives plenty of natural light.

Dark Cabinetry in Communal Spaces

Struggling to redo the office kitchen or breakout zones? Consider swapping out faux-wood cabinets or armoires for a matte black variety. This quick color swap easily transforms a space from dated to contemporary. Communal office spaces should boost the overall mood of the workplace with a pleasing aesthetic. Black harmonizes with, and even amplifies, your brand’s color and design scheme without overshadowing it. For companies that often host networking events, after-work happy hours, or meetings, black can be conducive to both elegant and laid-back atmospheres.

Black Fabrics

To showcase the sophistication of your office space, swap out colorful or patterned lounge furniture for pieces upholstered with black fabrics. Darker colored sofas, armchairs, and ottomans don’t easily show dirt, and their dynamic nature coordinates easily with previously established color pallets. Make the conference space, breakout zone, or employee lounge area inviting with plush throw pillows, ample seating, and soft lighting, so that staff, guests, and clients are encouraged to spend some time in the cozy atmosphere.

Midnight Accents

If a commitment to black paint or cabinetry feels too committing, try using black as an accent color in furnishings, art, and furniture. Many functional desks, office chairs, and storage units can be modernized by adding touches of black. For instance, black drawer pulls or door handles add a unique twist on the standard silver finishes. Select office furniture with noir features that highlight vivid colors for true statement pieces and a memorable office design. Black appliances and fixtures in a kitchen, bar, or dining area immediately elevate the ambiance and create a harmonious flow throughout.

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