With many schools across the country officially closed, parents are being tasked with homeschooling their children and may need to do so for the remainder of the school year. While it can seem daunting, once the family hits a rhythm with the new school set-up, homeschooling can be simple, straightforward, and fun. To keep the kids in a regimented routine, it’s important to have a space where school begins and playtime ends. Utilizing classroom furniture, implementing fun school supplies, and creating reading/study nooks are all creative ways to create a homeschooling space. The following will help guide you:

Get Creative

There’s no reason your homeschool space needs to resemble a traditional classroom. While it’s crucial to have stable work surfaces, a place to store supplies, and quiet surroundings, it’s also important to make sure the environment is inviting, engaging, and fun. If you have the space to dedicate an entire room to your homeschooling operation, this is a fantastic idea. Parents can work nearby while also allowing children to have their own area. If you’re dealing with a smaller set up, reserve a kitchen table, set up classroom furniture, or use a living room corner as the homeschool area. Ensure there is plenty of lighting, ample surface area, and room to spread out.

Comfort is Key

A day in the life of a typical school student tends to fly by. From changing classes to socializing, the school day is usually filled with activity and excitement. Now that classes are being held at home, students are likely to feel the monotony of each homeschool day more than ever. In addition to designing an accessible work area, create a space for students to kick back and relax. Reading, journaling, and even memorization activities can take place in a cushioned nook or on floor pillows. Provide comfortable chairs, snacks, and soft music so students can remain focused and at ease.

Easy Clean Up

Things are bound to get messy, as they often do in the classroom. Implement a recycling, compost, and waste system in the homeschool classroom so used materials can be properly disposed of. Create a chore chart with various cleaning tasks that should be checked off daily. Have students wipe down their desks, empty waste receptacles, organize supplies, and the like.

Ask for Input

Ask your child or children what they loved most about their school classrooms. Perhaps it was the bookshelf and reading area, or maybe it was a dress-up bin. If recess was their favorite activity, build in a time to play outside in the middle of the day. Better yet, make homeschooling even more fun by incorporating a morning and afternoon recess break; kids need plenty of PE time to burn off extra energy. If students have favorite school supplies, like special markers, colorful notecards, or personal dry erase boards, stock up on these and utilize them during daily lessons.

Homeschooling may sound dauting for parents whose roles have quickly shifted. However, there are plenty of ways to make it simple and fun for both new-found educators and homeschooled students. Having supplies at the ready, a functional workstation, and comfortable seating is all it takes to create an at-home classroom. Environments offers superb classroom furniture, like children’s desks, room partitions, and rolling chairs that can transform your home workspace into the ultimate learning environment. Our office supply partner, EON Office, has the classroom tools to make learning fun and easy. Contact us today to learn more!