Environments is dedicated to supporting partners committed to sustainability across their manufacturing, materials, and business practices. Our top manufacturers have achieved level™ certification for numerous products, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards in material sustainability, energy impact, human and environmental health, and social responsibility.

Moreover, many of our manufacturers operate ISO-14001 certified facilities and offer wood products sourced from FSC®-certified forests and manufacturing facilities. Our range also includes GREENGUARD-certified products meeting indoor air quality standards, along with various other standards and certifications upheld by our manufacturer partners.

Sustainable Office Furniture Selection and LEED™ Certification Support

We offer an extensive selection of sustainable office furniture and ancillary products to help clients achieve LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Environments provides consultation services to assist clients in selecting the right products to earn LEED™ points and advance their sustainability goals.

At Environments, we believe in fostering partnerships that drive positive environmental impact and support sustainable business practices. Through our comprehensive range of certified products and tailored consultation services, we empower businesses to make environmentally responsible choices while enhancing their workspaces.

LEED - U.S. Green Building CouncilWith our expertise and commitment to sustainability, we enable businesses to align with LEED™ standards and contribute to a more sustainable future. At Environments, we are dedicated to supporting partners who share our vision for a greener, more environmentally conscious world.


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