Tech companies are dynamic, quickly evolving entities that require a design strategy to match. Environments Denver has years of experience designing workspaces for companies whose needs are constantly changing. Below are a few design challenges faced by technology companies, and how Environments solves them while staying true to the entrepreneurial spirit at the core of the tech industry.

Go above and beyond the norm

The temptation to create a clean, simple office environment for a technology company makes sense: the look is modern, professional, and trendy. But tech companies are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, so shouldn’t their office design do the same?  One of the most desirable aspects of working for a tech company is their “hip” factor. Take advantage of this youthful energy by incorporating more excitement into the overall look and feel of the design. Office space for a tech companycan also benefit from including elements of nature. Consider adding wood accents in areas of the office to contrast a white background; this adds warmth, sophistication, and personality. By bringing the outdoors into your office decor, you are literally adding more life and energy into the space.

Flex space

Collaboration is key, but how do you design an office where roles change constantly? Keep in mind that employees tend to wear many hats. There should be designated meeting spaces, as well as private areas akin to phone booths for employees to make a call or video chat when necessary. Consider adding “multi-use” pieces of furniture that can easily be combined from personal use into a large meeting table.Give employees personal storage space with mobile pedestals that will allow them to move their needed materials to any workspace requiring their attention. Adding dynamic furniture allows the office design to change to fit the needs of the day, whatever they may be.

Balancing business with casual

Tech companies are one of the largest employers of millennials, and this generation is known for its dedication to a strong work-life balance. Bringing elements of fun into the work environment is a great way to keep employees engaged and positive. Since many companies have a break room or similar area, this spot offers the perfect opportunity to add more excitement to the office. Design a breakroom with comfort and community in mind, with casual, cafe-style furniture and couches. Add an element of play by including a foosball table or a cornhole set. A break room at a tech company should give employees the opportunity to recharge themselves so they’re prepared for the work ahead.

Technology companies face unique challenges every day, including how to design an office that is practical, stylish, engaging, and purposeful.  These organizations are always pushing boundaries and exploring the ways in which technology can shape and change lives–it makes sense that their office space needs to do the same. Environments understands the creativity, dedication, and passion of the industry, and we are committed to creating a work environment that encourages ingenuity. To learn how we can help bring your workspace into the 21st century and beyond, contact us today.