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Classroom Design Tips for the 2022 Fall Semester

Creating a productive learning environment can be uniquely challenging in 2022. The classroom’s lighting, layout, furniture, and colors all play a part in creating a peaceful and energized academic experience. Whether you need to completely redesign your space or simply brush up on current trends in classroom or office design, these tips will help with designing your educational space for the 2022 Fall semester.

Think About Lighting and Air Quality

In the wake of Zoom fatigue and stuffy indoor learning, classrooms are focusing more on natural lighting. Several studies show a correlation between exposure to natural sunlight and alertness, some even linking improved cognitive performance to learning in sunlit spaces. Adding an air purification system can also combat indoor air pollutants and any lingering back-to-school bugs that may result in sick days and missed learning opportunities. For classrooms with little to no sunlight exposure, incorporating indoor-outdoor lessons can help reduce potential virus transmission and give students (and educators) an extra zap of energy during the day.

Choose Calming Materials and Colors

Interior design in 2022 incorporates a plethora of woven fibers, organic materials, and earthy textures. This calming, nature-inspired trend lends a sense of tranquility to any room. Calming colors and natural textures in the classroom can help students with lingering anxieties and stressors from other areas of their lives. Opting for muted background colors, adding ground pillows, and playing with textured wall displays are all excellent ways to incorporate this Fall trend in your classroom design.

Get Creative With Use of Space

Creating effective classroom layouts in the 21st century really depends on your working space. Open floor plans make it easy to rearrange seating throughout the day to best compliment the lesson plan du jour. Opting for variable seating options – different types of chairs, bean bags, desks, and cushions – can be a fun way to create a dynamic learning environment. Creating different ‘zones’ throughout the room can also help foster creativity and direct students’ focus. To create an intuitive layout, consider which technology your students use most. How these tools will be used can determine how the space can be most effectively used.

Working on classroom design for the new school year can be a fun and challenging process, providing an opportunity to infuse energy into a dynamic learning environment. These tips make the most of current trends in classroom and office design without sacrificing the creativity and flexibility that comes with modern schooling methods. Contact us today for help with selecting thoughtful furnishings and optimizing available space for your classroom.

Our Designers' Favorite Seating Options

Ready to upgrade the office? Whether you’re planning to make a few simple changes or an ambitious transformation, there’s no question that comfortable, stylish chairs are essential. If you need inspiration for functional office furniture, our designers are here to help. We talked to our team about their favorite seating for the workplace, which we highlight here:

Sarah’s Pick: Indie by JSI

Sarah loves the Indie chair by JSI. If you’re looking for a product with a cozy feel, this chair may be the ideal fit. Sarah says: “I love the introduction of a rocking chair into a commercial design atmosphere. We always find ourselves searching for comfort in seating that has a little movement, and this chair provides you with exactly that. The chair comes with what they call “comfort wrinkles” which gives an extra cozy feel. With many of us having enjoyed rocking chairs since we were babies, who says we can’t enjoy them as an adult as well?”

Van’s Pick: Nuvem by Eurotech

The Nuvem chair by Eurotech melds comfort with function. Its bold design is eye-catching, and its high-tech features give this chair an edge over competitors. According to Van, “My favorite chair is the Eurotech Nuvem chair with the laptop tablet and ottoman. It’s more affordable than the Herman Miller Eames and just as stylish and comfortable. I love this chair in a home office setting.”

Bonnie’s Pick: Pivot Swivel Daybed by JANUS et Cie

When the office could use cozy outdoor seating, your team may love an out-of-the-box option like Bonnie’s favorite seating. “The Pivot Swivel Daybed by JANUS et Cie is one of my favorite luxury outdoor accents.  The ability to move the bed as well as the sun canopy allows the user to get just the right amount of sunlight or shade. The daybed also has wheels, so its placement can be adjusted easily,” Bonnie says.

Heidi’s Pick: Heya by OFS

Lounge pieces are essential for both collaborative spaces and individual offices. Heidi recommends the Heya collection by OFS: “I love the variety of options provided within the OFS Heya family.  I think the idea of creating a room within a room is so important to today's evolving workspace. Heya offers it all: togetherness, separation, collaboration and solitude all in one family of products.”

Functional office furniture is a must in creating a space that’s both beautiful and enjoyable. Inviting seating is one of the best investments you can make for your employees, and our designers have personally experienced the benefits of the chairs showcased here. If you’re ready to proceed with designing a workplace that includes stylish and comfortable furniture, our team would love to assist you. Please contact us today to start the process.

Why You Should Incorporate Art Into the Workplace

If you’re planning your new office space design, art is a crucial component to consider. The aesthetic of the workplace speaks volumes about your company’s culture and values, from the furniture you choose to the art on the walls. Interested in selecting art that fits in perfectly with your brand’s essence and serves as a focal point? Here, we share more about why art is essential in the workplace and offer insight on how to choose the best pieces:

How Art Affects Employees

Much like proximity to plants, art has the ability to reduce stress and tension while boosting mood in employees. One doesn’t need to create art to get these positive effects; brain studies have shown that simply viewing artwork can raise serotonin levels and stimulate new neural pathways. Since many workers are reporting all-time high levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout, companies will be wise to take steps to improve the employee experience. There are many ways to achieve happier workers, and enhancing the office environment is a great place to start.

Tips For Selecting Art in Office Space Design

Choosing art pieces for the workplace can be challenging because we all have our own idea of beauty. However, there are many options that are broadly appealing to suit a diverse set of individuals, including:

  • Nature scenes. Think artwork that features foliage, bodies of water, or landforms such as mountains.
  • Sculptures. Sculptures are excellent for adding texture to the office. A bold piece made with metallic or sparkling material can serve as a focal point and add elegance or brighten up the space.
  • Custom murals. Many brands tell their story through art in the workplace, and a custom mural is a noteworthy way to do this. Some companies choose to showcase the city where the brand was born, while others take a more abstract approach and display ideas behind the company’s core values.
  • Abstract art. With the rise in collaborative workspaces, abstract art is more popular than ever. These pieces are often conversation starters and may even spark creativity.

If you’re ready to move forward in planning a new or upgraded office space design, art is a critical factor to think about. Most modern workplaces display some type of artwork, as the benefits to employees and visitors are too important to forego. When your goal is to select pieces that complement and elevate your brand’s story and values, you may find that working with a professional design team is beneficial. Our team is uniquely qualified to assist you with every step of your project, from big-picture decisions to the finer details like the best artwork for the environment. Ready to get started? Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Tips for Modernizing an Outdated Commercial Space

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the way we work and has created the unexpected opportunity for offices to make significant upgrades while employees are working from home. While buildings sat vacant, many owners jumped at the chance to overhaul outdated commercial spaces with updated design. If you’re interested in modernizing the workplace, there are many practical options for breathing a breath of fresh air into the environment. From incorporating modern commercial office furniture to making changes to the architecture, here are a few of our favorite ways to upgrade an older space: 

Take Down Walls

Secluded working areas are often a hallmark of offices from decades past. If your goal is to bring the building into the here and now, taking down walls is an excellent way to go. As you’ve likely noticed, open floor plans are the new norm and are excellent for encouraging collaboration. If you’re looking for ways to help the building feel more spacious, taking down walls to create an open floor plan (or replacing them with glass walls) will transform the look and feel of the environment. 

Choose a Vibrant Color Palette

Although clean, crisp white walls are timeless, a vibrant new color palette can work wonders on a space that needs some freshening up. The great thing about color is that you don’t need to go overboard and overwhelm the area–just a few details will add some life. Including your brand’s color scheme in the office can bolster morale and identity, while opting for nature-inspired hues is on-trend and soothing. 

Bring Nature Indoors or Set Up Outdoor Work Areas

In addition to rethinking the office’s color palette, bringing glimpses of nature indoors or creating outdoor workspaces will help modernize the workplace. Research shows that plants play a significant role in impacting mood, so many companies are doing everything possible to make nature accessible. There are many options for bringing foliage to the building, including installing a living plant wall, placing office-friendly plants around the workplace, and creating outdoor gathering areas. If you have a courtyard with ample greenery, adding large windows for optimal viewing and natural light filtration is another strategy for connecting with nature. 

If you’re ready to renovate an outdated space, there is an abundance of possibilities for modernizing. Whether you’re planning to switch outdated pieces with modern commercial office furniture or you have a more in-depth vision in mind, our team is here to help. We handle projects of all scopes and sizes, and we’d love to speak with you to learn more about what you envision for your workspace. Please contact us to arrange a consultation. 

The Evolution of the Office Lobby

Interested in upgrading the office building this year? If so, the lobby is an excellent place to start. Whether you’re overhauling an expansive commercial space or a smaller area, the aesthetic of the lobby is the first thing visitors will notice. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to office culture, so redesigning the entry point of the workplace can help visitors, tenants, and employees feel more at home. If you’re in need of inspiration for modernizing your office lobby furniture, we share the trends that we’re seeing here:

Transitioning From Grandiose to Functional

In decades past, the lobby was designed with opulence in mind. The primary purpose of this trend was to attract high-profile clients who were willing to pay top dollar for rental space. Picture hotel-inspired lobbies: entryways often boasted luxurious details such as marble flooring, soaring ceilings, and formidable reception desks.

Although a lobby still serves the important role of setting a first impression, modern workspaces are moving away from the grandiose and embracing functionality. This is largely because the way we work is different. Even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies began experimenting with more flexible policies. Now that many office buildings have less traffic, lobby design is shifting toward comfort and safety. Think: more room between seating, large windows to provide natural light and improved ventilation, and portable plexiglass screens.

Incorporating Technology

Modern lobbies are increasingly equipped with cutting-edge technology. In addition to sleek and agile furniture, you may notice features such as badge entry, screens to broadcast important information, and occupancy sensors. New tech may help bolster the security of the building and reduce the spread of germs, which is forefront on the minds of many tenants.

Trends in commercial spaces have undergone major changes within the last few years, which have accelerated even more amid the pandemic. While lobby design of the past aimed to wow visitors with flash, modern lobbies often function more as a hub for tenants. Whether you have a vision in mind for the lobby or you’d like to consult with an interior design team, we’re here to help. Our experienced designers can assist you with every aspect of your project, from selecting modern office lobby furniture to sourcing technology solutions. If you have any questions or are ready to learn more about our process, please contact us. We’d love to speak with you and learn more about your needs so we can create a plan tailored to your goals and budget.

Photo courtesy of Kimball International.

functional office furniture

Adding Versatility to the Office with Mobile Features

As you prepare to modernize the office, consider investing in pieces that offer functionality. Functional office furniture is a growing trend, as many workplaces are shaking things up and adapting to employees’ changing preferences. Agility is now just as important as aesthetic, and incorporating versatile pieces can boost productivity while also enhancing the look of the space. If your goal is to create an environment where team members feel comfortable moving about, it’s helpful to add furniture that promotes mobility. Here, we share inspiration for encouraging increased mobility in the office:

Furniture and Accessories on Casters

The idea of furniture on casters isn’t new, but we’re seeing an increasing number of sleek profiles designed with agility in mind. In the past, only cumbersome furniture was equipped with casters. However, many workplaces are moving away from traditional working habits and embracing a more flexible approach. With many employees opting to move about freely throughout the workday, it’s no surprise that low-profile furniture on casters are becoming a staple in the office. Following the same trend, casters add mobility to essential accessories and technology such as whiteboards and large screens. Furniture on casters not only makes it simpler to move objects with ease, but pieces such as wheeled shelving is highly versatile and can be used in novel ways for years to come.

Adding Fluidity to the Workplace

Workplace culture is still in the midst of significant changes. As workers return to the office after extended periods of working from home, they’re speaking up about a desire for fluid working conditions. In addition to offering flexible remote and in-office policies, many companies are introducing features that make it easier for teams and individuals to create customizable workspaces. Movable walls, temporary partitions, and even balloon walls are growing in popularity. These ultra-portable features make it easier than ever to set up shop for collaborative or solo work at a moment’s notice.

If you’re ready to enhance the office and promote mobility, functional office furniture is a must. Whether you incorporate furniture on casters or invest in options such as portable walls, employees will appreciate the newfound agility of the workplace. If you’d like to ensure that your project is completed with expertise, reach out to our team. We’ll handle each step of the process with care to deliver beautiful results and a stress-free experience.

smart technology solutions

Smart Technology Solutions For the Office

Ready to enhance your commercial space with the latest office furniture design trends? Many offices are choosing to upgrade as more employees return to the workplace. If you’d like to make the office both comfortable and functional, incorporating smart technology may be a wise investment. If you’re in need of inspiration, consider the ideas we share here:

Smart Desks

Smart desks are beginning to make a splash in the corporate world, and for compelling reasons. If you’re not yet familiar with smart desks, the technology may intrigue you. This new-age type of office furniture goes far beyond what you can expect from a typical desk, and incorporates the benefits of both standing and sitting. Smart desks are configurable to the user’s needs, so employees can set reminders to stand once an hour or even convert the desk into a standing position when desired. Additionally, these desks feature built-in technology that we all know and love. Many smart desks sync with the Google Suite and automatically ping users when it’s time for a meeting or as a deadline is coming up.

Climate Control

When the environment is comfortable, employees are more likely to enjoy a sense of wellbeing and may be more productive. Smart thermostats are mainstream in both home and commercial settings, but if you haven’t made the switch yet, now may be the time. Smart thermostats such as Nest are ideal for offices, since this product learns your building’s energy patterns and adapts to reduce usage. In addition to smart temperature control, products that adjust and monitor for humidity and air quality are also available.

Voice AI

We’re all familiar with voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa, but voice artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to become more prevalent in the workplace. Microsoft’s Cortana is one example of this technology, which syncs with the Outlook app and allows users to optimize productivity by dictating messages and having emails read aloud. Expect voice AI to become more commonplace in the office in the coming years, as companies such as Google and Amazon are continuing to hone this technology for commercial environments.

We’re living in an exciting time of technological advancements that make office life more comfortable and productive. If you’re looking forward to making improvements to the workplace, consider incorporating technology into your plan. When you’re ready to make your vision a reality, our team is here to help. Our experienced interior designers can help you with every aspect of your project, from discussing office furniture design trends to sourcing the technology solutions that best fit your employees’ needs. To start the process, please contact us for a consultation.

Recreational Spaces to Consider For Your Office

If you’re planning to improve the office, adding recreational spaces may be an investment that pays off for employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for many, and workers have had to adapt to an unprecedented number of changes. To ease the transition back into the workplace, consider adding areas that encourage relaxation and team building. Here, we share inspiration for incorporating rec spaces into office interior design.

Fitness Room

Even if you’re working with limited space, it may be possible to add a fitness room (or corner) to the office. Just a few minutes of exercise can bring huge benefits, such as improved mood and productivity. Many individuals experience a dip in energy levels in the afternoon, so stopping by the fitness area for some stretching or invigorating movement can help employees reset and recharge. If you’re able to make space for a fitness room, it comes with the added benefit of offering opportunities for group classes, such as yoga.

Game Room

Strong teams are a necessity for any company. When you’re looking for fun ways to encourage employees to get to know one another, a game room is an excellent amenity space to include. Some ideas to consider include a pool table, board games, video game corner, and table tennis.

Coffee and Tea Bar

Nearly everyone appreciates a good cup of coffee or tea, and installing a coffee bar that feels like a cozy café is a great way to boost morale in the workplace. Aim to create a calming space with a mix of bar tables with charging ports and comfortable plush seating. These design details will make it possible for employees to work or relax solo or enjoy a collaborative experience with colleagues.


There’s something calming about a library, and it can serve as a dual-purpose area. Those who need to step away from their desk may appreciate a change of scenery, and book enthusiasts can unwind with some reading time. To create a sense of community, invite employees to stock the shelves with their favorite books.

Many modern offices are on a mission to make the building feel more like home. When you’re ready to wow your team with upgrades, the recreational spaces highlighted here will transform the workplace. Rec areas should be carefully planned and designed to meet your brand’s aesthetic, so you may prefer to seek professional assistance. Our team specializes in office interior design, and we’d love to help you make your vision come to life. To learn more about our process and discuss your project, please contact us for a consultation.

commercial office design

Questions to Ask Before an Office Redesign

If you’re thinking about updating the office, it’s crucial to find the right interior design team for your needs. Incorporating your company culture into commercial office design requires skilled designers who have extensive experience with redesign projects. When you’re ready to move forward with finding the perfect fit, there are several questions you should ask yourself and the design team before proceeding. You’ll find a few example questions below, and if you have any other queries in mind, we’re here to help.

Does Your Team Specialize in Residential or Commercial Projects?

Although some designers handle both residential and commercial projects, many do not. When you’re preparing for an office redesign, you’ll need to ensure that the team you’re considering has experience with commercial spaces. If possible, ask for details like portfolio photos so you can get a feel for their work.

Does Your Team Have a Defined Style or Flexibility?

Whether you’re going for a sleek and streamlined corporate aesthetic or want to reflect your brand’s out-of-the-box personality, it’s critical to find a team that can deliver the results you have in mind. It’s not uncommon for design firms to specialize in a certain type of style, while others are much more flexible.

Can We Achieve My Office Design Goals With My Budget?

If you have a pre-determined budget, you may be most interested in learning about what you can accomplish with the funds. During your consultation, your design team should listen carefully to your vision and ask questions about your goals. After the initial meeting, you can ask the designers to provide a cost estimate so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

What Does Your Timeline Look Like?

When planning an office redesign, the timeline is likely just as important as the budget. Although it’s best to plan for minor setbacks along the way (especially because we’re still experiencing shipping delays and shortages of certain products), your designers may be able to provide you with a projected schedule.

If you’re planning to redesign the office in 2022, finding the best team for your needs will make the process much more enjoyable. When you’re looking for a firm that specializes in commercial office design, we’re happy to help. Our designers and customer service team are here to provide a streamlined experience from start to finish, and have handled a plethora of projects of all sizes and scopes. Whether you’re looking for a few simple upgrades or a comprehensive overhaul, we can deliver the results you’ve been imagining. To learn more about our process, please contact our team.

welcoming employees back to work amenity spaces

Design Tips For Welcoming Employees Back to the Office

As more workplaces begin the transition back to the office, making an amenity space more comfortable for employees may be of interest. In addition to implementing a flexible approach, creating a welcoming atmosphere using modern office furniture will help team members feel more at home. Ready for some inspiration? Take a look at some ideas below:

Clearly Define Spaces For Work and Play

When designing amenity spaces, start by making distinctions between areas meant for work and play. This separation is beneficial for many work styles and offers a guilt-free retreat when it’s time to step away from productivity for a moment. Even facilities with open floor plans can achieve a more separated feel by installing a mix of glass walls and solid walls or getting creative with furniture placement.

Upgrade the Kitchen

When employees are coming back into the office after working remotely, they’re likely to miss the elements of comfort that were a given at home. The kitchen has boundless potential as an amenity space, so you may want to consider making upgrades to make it feel like a cozy café. Adding a variety of comfortable seating options such as booths and bars with laptop charging stations will encourage team members to stop and recharge with a meal. If the kitchen isn’t already equipped with enticing snacks and beverages, now is the time to splurge on appliances such as an oversized fridge and a user-friendly espresso machine.

Go Casual With the Conference Room

Comfortable and collaborative often go hand in hand, so many companies are embracing a more relaxed approach to collaborative spaces. If your goal is to foster strong teams and let collaboration flourish, consider a redesign of the conference room. You may find success by including couches, side tables for laptops, and other furniture pieces that would traditionally look more at home in a living room than a conference room.

2022 will be a big year for office redesigns as employees return to the workplace after nearly two years of remote work. If you’re interested in upgrading your building with modern office furniture, you may prefer to work with a professional design team. Our experienced commercial designers and customer service team will take the stress out of the renovation process, whether your project is large-scale or simple. Our goal is to help connect you with your vision and make it come to life, and it all begins with a consultation. When you’re ready to get started, please reach out to us for a consultation.

texture in commercial spaces

How Texture Can Enhance Commercial Spaces

Thinking about upgrading the office in 2022? If you’re on the search for ways to make a positive impact on the space, be sure to explore different textures for incorporating into the workplace. If you’re hoping to avoid bland commercial office design, adding some creative texture that fits your brand’s aesthetic is a great move. Here, we share more about how textured materials can enhance commercial spaces.

What Impact Does Texture Have?

Texture plays an important role in defining the look and feel of a room. When done well, texture can add depth and dimension. There are several strategies for using texture to create depth and balance, including the classic layering technique. Incorporating rugs, window treatments, and even lighting all contribute texture to a space. With the right pieces and color palette, your workplace will come to life and make an immediate impression.

Types of Texture to Consider

When it comes to designing your commercial space, there’s no shortage of options for adding texture. Every material has its own texture, from velvety throw pillows to metal accent pieces. Not sure where to start? Consider these options and visualize the impact they’d bring to your workplace:

  • Wall coverings. Modern wall coverings have many exciting options, including richly textured material in any color(s) you can imagine.
  • Regardless of the vision you have in mind, flooring can help you achieve it. Many flooring materials are versatile, and a few of the most popular options include carpet, stamped concrete, wood, and luxury vinyl tile.
  • Statement wall. When adding dimension or depth is your goal, think beyond a shade of paint for an accent wall and opt for something that makes a splash. A living plant wall, tiled wall, or inlaid wood may be options to consider.
  • Fabrics offer an easy way to add interesting textures into the office. Depending upon your office aesthetic, a patterned rug or inviting sofa may bring much-needed warmth to the workplace.

Bringing different textures into your space is a tried-and-true strategy for enhancing commercial office design. Whether your workplace ambiance could benefit from sleek, streamlined materials or cozy, highly textured fabrics, our design team is here to help you bring your vision to life. When you’re ready to begin discussing your project, please contact us. We’re looking forward to learning more about your needs, budget, and timeline so we can create a plan of action to elevate your office for 2022 and beyond.

open floor plan office - office furniture design trends

Design Ideas For Your Open Floor Plan Office

The open floor plan is one of the most prevalent office furniture design trends. Open, airy commercial spaces are being adopted by virtually every industry, and for good reason: this layout provides the ultimate flexibility for employees. If you’re moving into an open floor plan office (or renovating your current space), the ideas we share may help you achieve the aesthetic that’s ideal for your brand:

Glass Walls

Although an open floor plan design with lots of natural light is excellent for productivity, the workplace may feel too cavernous without the privacy and sound-proofing that walls provide. If you need to break up the space in your open floor plan office while keeping that collaborative feel, consider adding glass walls. A glassed-in conference room or tucked away corner for one-on-one meetings is a great way to maximize the space while offering a more intimate environment.

Booth Meeting Spaces

If you’re looking for intuitive ways to add meeting areas, incorporating booths may be an inviting option. Like the plush seating at your favorite restaurant (but with extra-tall dividers to offer privacy), booths are a cozy and modern element of office design. They work especially well in open floor plan spaces, and are often located along a wall to keep the center of the room free.

Bustling Community Areas

If you have an expansive commercial building and you’d like to create an area that’s much more fun than a typical breakroom, dedicate a portion to community space. Typically located near the kitchen and away from the main work space, a community area offers a place of respite for team members. When creating a spot for colleagues to gather, be sure to include a variety of comfortable seating and perhaps even a game or two. In addition to encouraging team building, a large common space is the perfect venue for company festivities.

The beginning of the New Year is an excellent time to give your workspace and your employees a fresh start with an updated design. Open floor plans are one of the most popular layouts, and we’d love to help you incorporate modern office design trends into the workplace. Whether the ideas here capture your attention or you have a different vision in mind, our team can work with you to create an office space that reflects your brand’s unique needs. When you’re ready to start the process, reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

workplace office furniture solutions

2022 Commercial Design Trends

Thinking about upgrading the office for the New Year? Before you begin your project, you may be interested in exploring the latest trends in commercial design. There are many possibilities for workplace office furniture solutions, and the ideas we share here are forward-thinking and ideal for the modern office environment.

Bringing Elements of Home Into the Office

Many workers are just now beginning to return to the workplace. Transitioning from the home office to a traditional setting may feel like a significant change, so consider adding comforting touches to the office. To create a welcoming space, choose cozy plush seating (such as sofas or soft lounge chairs), throw blankets, and accent pillows.

Touches of Nature

Bland workplaces with whitewashed walls and cold, fluorescent lighting have been on the decline for several years and are being replaced by a more natural feel. Science shows that nature provides soothing effects, so introducing natural elements into the office is intuitive. Installing large windows or skylights to allow sunlight to filter in is an excellent way to help employees feel more in touch with nature (and may even provide a boost in productivity). Decorating with office-friendly foliage and opting for live-edge furniture are also great strategies for moving away from a traditionally corporate aesthetic.

Noise Control

As employees transition into their new routine, noise control will be an increasingly important component in commercial design. There are many ways to improve the acoustics of a space, from sound masking technology to flooring options designed to optimize how sound travels. When employees have a tranquil space with just the right amount of background noise, distractions are minimized while mood and productivity are improved.

Flex Spaces and Creative Workplace Office Furniture Solutions

Flex spaces are becoming increasingly common and for good reason. When team members have the freedom to choose a seat wherever they feel most comfortable, they’re more likely to be productive. To create an effective and flexible workplace, be sure to provide several clear-cut areas with different seating options. If you have an outdoor courtyard, make use of the space by placing weather-proof tables and chairs there. In addition to traditional desks and office chairs indoors, consider setting up collaborative spaces (such as long tables with barstools) and lounge chairs in an open area.

If you’re looking forward to making improvements to the office in 2022, the trends mentioned here may be ideal for incorporating into your commercial building. Whether you have simple changes in mind or you’re envisioning something more elaborate, our team can help you find workplace office furniture solutions. Please contact us for a consultation. We’re looking forward to learning more about your project and developing a plan to fit your vision, budget, and timeline.

How to Incorporate Remote-Worker Friendly Design in Cafés

With the rise in remote work, many owners of restaurants and cafés are on the search for ways to make their venue more inviting for these remote workers. If you’re hoping to incorporate remote worker cafe design, consider these tips for comfortable and aesthetically appealing restaurant furniture design.

High-Quality WIFI

When your goal is to attract remote workers to sit and stay a while, high-quality Wi-Fi is a must. Although many coffee shops and cafés offer complimentary WIFI to patrons, it’s often spotty. If possible, find an internet service provider that can offer excellent connection and high-speed internet for your guests. When the Wi-Fi is reliable, you’re more likely to notice repeat customers who make a habit of visiting your establishment to work and enjoy something to eat or drink.

Comfortable Furniture

Cozy seating is a necessity for all patrons, whether they’re bringing a laptop along or not. Offering a variety of comfortable furniture will benefit everyone who visits and will help define your eatery as a great place to relax. When you’re striving to create a laid-back atmosphere that’s ideal for chatting or catching up with remote work, consider incorporating multiple seating arrangements. While traditional tables and chairs are a café staple, bar-style tables and plush chairs (ideally located near outlets for easy access to laptop charging) are excellent for adding into the mix.

Smooth Surfaces For Laptops

Laptops and tablets make working from anywhere possible, and it’s even better for visitors when there’s a user-friendly surface to place their device. When you’re catering to the remote crowd, all tabletops should be clean, smooth, and ideal for balancing laptops and other electronic devices. There’s an abundance of commercial surfaces to choose from, so you’re certain to find an option to suit the aesthetic that you have in mind.

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of designing your restaurant or café or you’re making changes to the current setup, the ideas mentioned here will help you create a welcoming environment for remote workers. If you’re in need of further inspiration for restaurant furniture design, our team would love to work with you to create the space you’ve always dreamed of. From intimate cafés to sprawling commercial buildings, our team has the expertise to handle a wide array of projects. When you’re ready to discuss your vision and goals, please contact us. We’re looking forward to learning more about your brand so we can help you determine a plan of action for your remote worker friendly cafe design.

home office functional office furniture

Adding Touches of Home to the Office

If you’re planning to transition back to the traditional workplace environment soon, you may be on the search for ways to make the space feel more like home. Many employees have worked remotely since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, so returning to a face-to-face setting may feel unusual and even a little nerve-racking. To ensure that your office or workspace is a cozy sanctuary where you feel right at home, consider incorporating the functional office furniture and accessories that we share here.

Add a Houseplant

Plants have numerous benefits for health and wellness, and adding a houseplant to your office décor is an excellent strategy for bringing a calm sense of home to the space. When you need to find your Zen, consider placing an office-friendly plant such as English ivy, aloe, or philodendron on your desk. These options are low maintenance and ideal for adding some comfort to your workspace.

Place an Accent Rug In the Room

If you’re looking for a way to soften the look of the room, choose an accent rug in warm or neutral colors. Earthy tones are often a great choice for adding a touch of home while ensuring that your space looks and feels professional.

Experiment With Aromatherapy

Do you associate home with a certain scent? If you feel relaxed the moment you catch a whiff of lavender or vanilla, consider bringing an essential oil diffuser into your workspace. Comforting aromas will not only calm your senses, but may even help you increase your productivity and attentiveness.

Choose Softer Lighting

Many offices are equipped with fluorescent lighting that can lead to headaches or simply look a little too harsh after a few hours on the job. If the lights are causing eye strain, choose an accent lamp or two to complement the look of your space. A couple of lamps often provide plenty of illumination, and you can choose the best lighting for your needs.

Include Homey Furniture

When you need some additional comfort in your office, include a piece of furniture that’s reminiscent of home. If you have the space, a loveseat, plush chair, or small couch can work wonders for softening the look of the room. Sinking into a comfortable couch or chair when you need a break can also help you relax and recharge so you’re ready to put in your best work after a breather.

As you begin your transition back to a conventional office setting, adding elements of home can help you settle in more easily. Whether you’re hoping to add comfortable (yet functional) office furniture to your commercial building or you’re interested in a more comprehensive project, we’d love to help. Please contact us to arrange a consultation so we can learn more about your vision and goals.

bringing the outdoors in, commercial office design

Commercial Office Design: Tips For Bringing the Outdoors In

If your office is ready for a redesign, you may be interested in bringing elements of the outdoors inside. There are numerous benefits to incorporating nature into commercial office design, and we can help you create a workplace that melds modern trends with the soothing essence of the outdoors. Interested in learning more about how you can accomplish the look and feel that you have in mind? Here, we share tips for adding touches of nature into your commercial space.

Decorate With Seasonal Plants

Seasonal plants are excellent for incorporating into the office. Studies have shown that the presence of live plants in the workplace can reduce employee stress by creating a tranquil environment. Decorating with foliage also has the potential to help boost mood and may even improve productivity. In addition to these perks, incorporating plants as part of the décor makes it easy to shake things up every few months. If you’re interested in experimenting with natural elements, try introducing seasonal plants into the workplace. When you work with an experienced interior design team, they’ll have connections to help you find the best options for each season.

Install a Living Plant Wall

Whether you’re looking for an interesting way to create a focal point or you’re simply trying to bring more greenery into the workplace, a living plant wall is an option to consider. Although they require a bit more maintenance than a typical accent wall, this addition to the office is often a calming influence that makes quite a statement. A living plant wall may be just what a large, empty space needs to come to life--just place some lounge seating nearby and let employees or visitors enjoy this touch of nature.

Use Earthy Tones

If live plants aren’t the right fit for your office aesthetic, earthy tones might be. Hues inspired by nature are a huge trend right now, and there are endless opportunities to adopt this color palette. Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year, October Mist 1495, is just one example of an earthy shade that can both soothe and inspire.

Designing with elements of nature can have a significant impact on office aesthetic and employee well-being. If you’re ready to create a nature-inspired space or add a few natural touches to the workplace, seek help from a team that specializes in commercial office design. Whether your vision for the office is complex or you’d just like a few simple updates, we’d love to work with you and ensure that the results are exactly what you’ve been envisioning. Ready to schedule your consultation? Please contact us to start the process.

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How to Use Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year

If your goal is to create an inviting environment for employees and visitors while also reflecting your brand, it’s helpful to be aware of current trends in modern office design. The color palette of your workplace can have a strong influence on team members’ moods and productivity and often shapes public perception. Each year, premium paint brand Benjamin Moore releases a Color of the Year. For 2022, this color is October Mist 1495. Interested in learning tips on how to incorporate this gorgeous shade of sage into your office? Here, we share ideas for bringing this paint color into the workplace.

Conference Room

Tired of bland conference room walls? Bring some soothing energy to the area with the 2022 Color of the Year. October Mist 1495 is a comforting silver-green hue that’s subdued but just vivid enough to spark creativity. Its earthiness may be ideal for the conference room, as it’s not bright enough to be distracting but it offers a little pop of color to breathe some life into the space. This shade would pair particularly well with natural wood furniture or pieces that are earth-toned.

Accent Walls

If you need to add more personality to a room without going too bold, an accent wall in this lovely silvery sage green may be a great compromise. A statement wall in this shade will create a focal point that will naturally draw the eye, but its muted tones won’t overwhelm the space.

Lobby or Common Area

If you’re looking to shake things up in a lobby or common area without being too unconventional, Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year is an appropriate choice. The psychology of color is powerful, and shades of green can have a positive impact on guest and employee mood in commercial spaces. This color is closely related to nature and often brings feelings of peace and healing. It’s also associated with quality and fresh ideas, making it an excellent choice for lobbies or common areas.

When you’re ready to upgrade the workplace with modern office design, updating paint color is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to transform a space. Color has the ability to completely transform a space, and even small changes can make a significant difference in how employees and visitors feel when they enter the room. Whether you want to explore ways to incorporate Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year into your office or you’re interested in a total redesign, our team is here to help. Our designers and customer service team have the expertise to make your vision become reality while also adhering to your budget. Interested in discussing your project? Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Are Wall Coverings Right For My Office?

If you’re planning to update the office, wall coverings can often complement stylish office furniture. Although wallpaper once sounded dated, modern wall coverings are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to create the ideal aesthetic for your workspace. Interested in learning more about whether or not wall coverings are the right choice? Here, we share more about this growing trend.

Customize Your Space

When you think of wall coverings, your mind may jump to standard color palettes and patterns that you’ve seen many times before. If you’re looking for something new and different, rest assured that custom options are readily available. When you partner with a design firm to help you solidify or execute your vision, you’ll gain insight into the process of creating custom coverings or choosing from designer options. We offer wall coverings that are sophisticated and bold, including options that are rich in color or textured. From animal prints to leather-look, we can help you find wall coverings to suit any space.

A Long-Lasting Option

Office design plays a crucial role in first impressions and can even have an effect on employee mood and productivity. Once you’ve determined a color palette for the workplace, the two most common options are paint or wall coverings. Wall coverings provided by a reputable company are often more long-lasting than paint, boasting up to five times the lifespan of standard paint. Moreover, many wall coverings offer texture that’s more durable (and more luxurious to the touch) than paint.

Lower-Maintenance Materials

Flat paint is notorious for staining, and even glossy finishes require routine maintenance and touch-ups to stay looking fresh. Investing in frequent cleanings can really add up, so you may prefer to find an option that’s easier to maintain. If lower maintenance is your goal, washable wall coverings may be exactly what you need to help the office look its best while reducing the need for upkeep.

Although stylish office furniture is a must when designing your space, the paint or wall coverings are just as important in shaping the look and feel of the office. If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of wall coverings in your workplace, we’re here to help. We offer products from partners like Koroseal for high-quality coverings. Whether you’ve decided on this solution for the office or you’d like to discuss other options, our experienced team can assist you with every step of the design process. When you’re ready to proceed, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Understanding Acoustics in Commercial Spaces

When planning commercial office design, be sure to consider the acoustics of the building and each room within the workplace. Acoustics are just as important (if not more so) than other elements of design, such as lighting and color scheme. Whether you’re on the search for a property or you’re looking for ways to improve your current space, we share more about acoustics and offer tips below.

Why Are Acoustics So Important?

When you’re ready to find the perfect location for your office, educational facility, or other commercial space, acoustics may be the last thing on your mind. However, the acoustics of the building will have a significant impact on employee and customer happiness, privacy, and more. When sound travels too easily (or not easily enough), productivity and efficiency may become hindered. If the commercial space is bustling with activity from heavy equipment, it’s even more critical to invest in measures to control the sound. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider noise pollution a hazard to human health. Unfortunately, hearing loss is one of the most prevalent work-related illnesses in the U.S., so you’ll want to ensure high-quality office acoustics to serve as a respite from noisy production or manufacturing areas.

Tips For Improving Acoustics

If you’ve noticed that your commercial space is echoey or so noisy that it’s difficult to concentrate or have private conversations, there are several steps you can take to improve the acoustics. Many of these are simple to implement, and include design strategies, which include:

  • Incorporating sound-masking décor such as curtains and rugs into the office.
  • Investing in ceiling and wall treatments to reduce echoing in large, open-concept spaces.
  • Having a professional assess the space to create a plan for furniture placement.

Although there are many ways to enhance the way sound travels in your commercial space, solutions such as sound masking are often considered the most effective. Sound masking has the potential to be a viable option for most commercial settings, especially busy offices. With this technology in place, you’ll immediately notice a subtle improvement in the acoustics of the room. Since sound masking is similar to white noise in that it’s barely-there background sound, its presence may be soothing and aid in productivity.

If you’re interested in providing the best environment possible for your employees and customers, acoustics should play a significant role in commercial office design. Whether you’re starting fresh with a brand-new building or giving your current workspace an upgrade, our team of experts can assist you with every aspect of your design goals. Ready to learn more about enhancing your commercial space? We’d love to speak with you and learn more about your project and vision. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Tips For Incorporating Light and Bright Colors Into the Office

Office lighting design makes a significant impact on workplace dynamics, whether you’re planning the transition back to the office or you’ve been back for several months. The right lighting has the potential to improve employee productivity, while dim environments often have the opposite effect. Similarly, certain colors (especially bright shades) have been shown to influence the mood of the workplace. Interested in upgrading your office with an abundance of light and cheery hues? Here are a few of our favorite tips for introducing a new look to the workplace:

Install a Skylight

Finding ways to incorporate natural light into the workspace is one of the simplest ways to enhance energy and productivity. Plenty of exposure to natural light is critical in regulating vitamin D and serotonin levels, which in turn can lead to happier and more well-rested team members. If you’re looking for a solution that will flood the office with natural light, a skylight may be an excellent addition to the work environment.

Hang Mirrors Strategically

If you’d like to add a modern touch to your office, strategic use of mirrors will reflect light and help maximize the space. A well-placed mirror can add elegance to the office, but choosing the right placement can be challenging. Long, rectangular mirrors are often a good choice for hallways or entryways, while statement pieces may look more at home in a lobby or conference room.

Add an Accent Wall

Bright colors can be surprisingly effective at improving the mood and inspiring creativity for employees. Although painting an entire room in a bold shade may be overwhelming, an accent wall is a great way to introduce a pop of color that serves as a focal point. An accent wall featuring your brand’s trademark color(s) may be an exciting and intuitive choice, but pastels or even metallics could be invigorating options to consider.

Choose Colorful Furniture

If you’d prefer to keep the walls a neutral hue, it’s possible to add more personality with bold furniture. Jewel-toned sofas are a trendy choice, or keep it simple with a colorful side table or décor piece such as a lamp. Need additional inspiration? Our team can help you identify possibilities that are functional, aesthetically appealing, and that mesh with your brand’s image.

Natural lighting and bright colors can serve as a breath of fresh air for the workplace. When used in conjunction with each other, these elements often inspire productivity and healthier moods for your team members and visitors. If you’d like professional assistance with office lighting design (or any other aspect of interior design), our team is here to help. Our years of expertise in project management and design make us an ideal partner for any office or commercial furniture project. Ready to learn more about our process? Contact us today for a consultation.

restaurant design

The Power of Color in Restaurant Design

If you’re in the midst of a new restaurant design or planning to give your restaurant an upgrade, color is an element that shouldn’t be ignored. The color palette you choose will have a significant impact on the ambiance and mood, so it may be helpful to consult interior design firms before making your final decision. Interested in learning more about why color is so important in restaurant design? Here, we discuss the influence that different hues will have on patrons.

The Psychology of Color in Restaurant Design

Color plays an important role in creating first impressions and is crucial in affecting guests’ moods. Top brands recognize that the right color scheme is paramount and can even be used to increase sales. When you begin the process of restaurant design or a rebrand, consider the environment that you’re aiming to develop. Studies have shown that red hues are effective at stimulating excitement and energy, while blue can suppress the appetite. Although blue is the most commonly used corporate color and can be calming, you’ll notice that few restaurants incorporate blue into their color scheme. This doesn’t mean that blue has to be off-limits entirely; it’s all about finding the best fit for your business. Similarly, yellow and purple are unconventional colors that can make a splash in your restaurant when used appropriately. Yellow may inspire feelings of happiness in restaurant-goers, while shades of purple are regarded as regal or mysterious.

Current Restaurant Design Trends

Even if you plan to break from tradition, it may be helpful to utilize a few elements of current trends in your restaurant. Light color schemes are incredibly popular right now, as light hues create an inviting and sleek ambiance. Colors such as ivory and grey are widely used in a variety of settings, from charming bistros to upscale restaurants. It probably comes as no surprise that health-focused restaurants often opt for the color green (often incorporated with natural materials, such as wood). Earth tones are a mainstay in restaurants since this color palette is closely associated with nature and can foster feelings of relaxation. Earthy shades of beige, brown, and terracotta orange are commonly seen in restaurants because they’re very inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Thinking beyond paint color? You can use textiles to add depth and complement the space. Metal tabletops or live edge wood seating in the waiting areas are simple ways to incorporate natural hues.

When planning restaurant design, color is one of the most important components to consider. Whether you already have a vision for the space or you’d like professional guidance in identifying one, we’re here to help bring your ideas to life. When searching for interior design firms, be sure to consider the breadth of expertise. Our team is well-versed in designing for a plethora of commercial industries, including restaurants. Interested in learning more about our process? Contact us today for a consultation.

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Tips For Designing an Energy-Saving Lighting Plan

If you’re planning to make upgrades to the office, lighting is one of the most influential factors to consider. When introducing modern office design into the workplace, lighting is an excellent place to start. Need inspiration? Here, we share a few tips for ensuring that the lighting enhances the space while also reducing energy usage.

Opt for LED Lighting

When searching for the most energy-efficient lighting option, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is often considered the best choice. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs use just 2-25% of the energy of traditional incandescent or halogen lighting, which translates into a lifespan of 15 to 25 times longer. They’re also more efficient than halogen incandescent bulbs, lasting from 8 to 25 times longer. In addition to LEDs' impressive life span, this type of lighting is available in a plethora of colors (or temperatures) and brightness.

Install Automated Room Controls

Programmable thermostats have become incredibly popular and are now mainstream in both residential and commercial settings. The same principle is available for lighting. With automated or programmable systems, you’ll have the ability to shut off lighting on a timed system or based upon occupancy levels. It’s even possible to install light dimmers on a timed basis or occupancy sensor, so the lighting will automatically adjust based on your specifications. Whether your goal is to save on energy bills or you’re hoping to reduce your carbon footprint, an automated lighting system for the office is one of the best investments you can make.

How to Make Your Goal a Reality

Ready to upgrade the lighting in the workplace? You can streamline the process by working with a team of interior designers. This is especially important if you’re planning to make other adjustments to the design or aesthetic of the office. By working with a professional, you’ll simplify the process for yourself by letting your team handle the details of planning and executing the project.

The lighting has an undeniable impact on the look and mood of your workspace and is an important component in modern office design. In addition to creating first impressions for visitors, appropriate lighting may help employees achieve higher levels of productivity. If you’re interested in creating a plan for improving the lighting in your commercial space, our team is here to help. From planning and installing new lighting to designing spaces from scratch, we have the expertise to handle any project you can dream up. When you’re ready to learn more about our process, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

How to Implement a Rebrand in Office Design

Is it time to rebrand your business? Rebranding is often necessary to help your company evolve and stay competitive. If you’re ready to adapt and bring fresh ideas into your business model, be sure to implement design changes into the office to reflect the company’s new identity. Here, we share more about how you can incorporate office design into a rebrand. Need some help including the office space in your company’s rebranding efforts? Reach out to commercial interior designers for assistance in creating the perfect look.

Shake Up the Layout

If you’re moving in a more modern direction, don’t be afraid to get creative with the layout. Many offices are moving toward flexible seating arrangements that accommodate both social distancing and collaborative work. When planning a new layout to complement the rebranding endeavor, consider working with a professional design team to discuss your vision and goals. Working with a designer will ensure that the layout provides a practical working environment that fits with your aesthetic.

Incorporate Company Colors

If you’ve been planning to make significant stylistic changes in the workplace, rebranding provides the ideal opportunity. When you’re ready for a rebrand, you’ll probably start by freshening up the company logo. Once you’ve selected a color palette, start including the updated shades in the new office design. Even if it’s a dramatic change from the previous office space, it can be refreshing and invigorating to make bold changes with color.

Honor the Company’s Purpose

If you’re in the process of redesigning the office, be sure to honor the company’s purpose in the updates. For example, if the business is part of the food industry, a communal kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances is a must. A company that specializes in entertainment may benefit from a gaming room where employees can test out new ideas or find inspiration.

When you’re in the midst of planning for a rebrand, incorporating the changes into the workplace is a critical component of solidifying company identity. Whether you’re looking forward to overhauling the office or you’re unsure of where to start, our team is here to help bring your vision to life. If you’re in need of guidance or suggestions, we’re happy to help you brainstorm and create a plan that you love. Already have a concrete vision? We’ll help you execute these plans and streamline the ordering and installation process. When you’re ready to learn more about our services, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

modern office design

Our Favorite Modern Office Furniture Pieces

Whether you’re designing your home office or upgrading a commercial space, you may be interested in incorporating modern office design. If you’re looking for versatile products that are aesthetically pleasing, focus on furniture that’s sleek with clean lines. Need some inspiration? Here, we share a few of our favorite modern furniture pieces that will enhance any space. Read more