Considering changing up your office space design? Before you begin the planning process, you may want to think about providing opportunities for employees to create personalized spaces. Not everyone has to have their own private office to make this endeavor work. There are several ways to incorporate and encourage personal effects in the workplace. Ready to learn more about why we love this design trend? Here are a few benefits of individuality at work and tips for putting it into practice: 

Spark Creativity 

Creative thinking is nearly impossible when you don’t feel at home in your workspace. Although adding plants to the office or setting up an outdoor area are often helpful in sparking creativity, personalization is what may make the biggest impact. Designing the office with employee needs in mind will allow your team to display art, photos, or other items that they find compelling or inspiring. 

Boost Morale

According to a case study, employees feel more productive and engaged at work when their space reflects their own identity. Creating an environment where each team member feels at home can be challenging, but there are many ways to bring individuality into the office while upholding your brand image. 

How to Plan For Personalization 

If you know that you’d like to design an office with your employees’ comfort and happiness in mind, we’re here to help you achieve it. When you’re looking for a setup that encourages customization, but also allows for collaboration, look for furniture pieces that maximize desk space. L-shaped desks often work well in offices with open floor plans, and this style offers plenty of room to add personal touches. 

If you’re operating with a hybrid schedule and employees won’t have assigned seating, it’s still possible to cater to a wide array of individual needs and preferences. We love adjustable furniture that’s easily moved and modifiable. Setting up a range of seating options is also helpful and will allow your team  to find an arrangement that best fits their mood and needs for the day. 

When you’re ready to move forward with planning your office space design, we’d love to assist you. Whether you’d like to prioritize personalization or you have another vision in mind, we can find solutions to ensure a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workplace. We’re looking forward to learning more about your project, so please contact our team to start the process.