Modular office furniture has become an essential component of today’s more collaborative, open workplace designs. The ability to reconfigure and re-design furniture layouts allows for more fluid environments that can support both a team-oriented setting and more private, focused-work areas. Modular office designs and movable office walls also provide flexibility to accommodate new technologies and changing work styles.

Movable office walls (also referred to as architectural walls, manufactured wall systems, and modular walls) have become increasingly popular in offices seeking to embrace a more fluid, future-oriented space. According to Jones Lang LaSalle, although modular office walls can be initially more costly than traditional wall construction, the ability to move and re-purpose walls can provide savings over the long term.

Moveable walls also provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional construction. The walls require less material and incur less waste, and their use of glass allows for more natural light in the workplace. Customers with LEED objectives find many benefits in replacing traditional walls with modular office design solutions.

Environments offers several architectural wall systems, including the Stylwall System from BRC. Please contact us to learn more about our modular office systems offerings or to schedule a design consultation.