If you’re planning your new office space design, art is a crucial component to consider. The aesthetic of the workplace speaks volumes about your company’s culture and values, from the furniture you choose to the art on the walls. Interested in selecting art that fits in perfectly with your brand’s essence and serves as a focal point? Here, we share more about why art is essential in the workplace and offer insight on how to choose the best pieces:

How Art Affects Employees

Much like proximity to plants, art has the ability to reduce stress and tension while boosting mood in employees. One doesn’t need to create art to get these positive effects; brain studies have shown that simply viewing artwork can raise serotonin levels and stimulate new neural pathways. Since many workers are reporting all-time high levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout, companies will be wise to take steps to improve the employee experience. There are many ways to achieve happier workers, and enhancing the office environment is a great place to start.

Tips For Selecting Art in Office Space Design

Choosing art pieces for the workplace can be challenging because we all have our own idea of beauty. However, there are many options that are broadly appealing to suit a diverse set of individuals, including:

  • Nature scenes. Think artwork that features foliage, bodies of water, or landforms such as mountains.
  • Sculptures. Sculptures are excellent for adding texture to the office. A bold piece made with metallic or sparkling material can serve as a focal point and add elegance or brighten up the space.
  • Custom murals. Many brands tell their story through art in the workplace, and a custom mural is a noteworthy way to do this. Some companies choose to showcase the city where the brand was born, while others take a more abstract approach and display ideas behind the company’s core values.
  • Abstract art. With the rise in collaborative workspaces, abstract art is more popular than ever. These pieces are often conversation starters and may even spark creativity.

If you’re ready to move forward in planning a new or upgraded office space design, art is a critical factor to think about. Most modern workplaces display some type of artwork, as the benefits to employees and visitors are too important to forego. When your goal is to select pieces that complement and elevate your brand’s story and values, you may find that working with a professional design team is beneficial. Our team is uniquely qualified to assist you with every step of your project, from big-picture decisions to the finer details like the best artwork for the environment. Ready to get started? Please contact us to schedule a consultation.