Office Furniture Services & Solutions in Denver

Environments offers a full range of office furniture services and capabilities, from initial product selection and space planning to delivery and final installation. We offer professional project management, project reconfigurations, inventory, move management, and product leasing. Environments also provides solutions from sound masking and architectural walls to flooring, artwork, ergonomic products and more. Each of our primary services are detailed below.

Space Planning & Design

The Environments design team is proficient in all of our manufacturer partners’ systems and product lines. We assist clients with office furniture selection while adhering to their budget and tastes; each employee’s needs are determined to ensure proper furniture specification and ordering. We can perform field verification, site measurements, floor plan drawings, and install drawings; virtual presentations, including 2D and 3D drawings and color renderings, help clients visualize the space prior to ordering. Design services include tenant finish selections, color consultation, fabric and finish selection, and detailed shop drawings for custom furniture.

Project Management

Environments stands out in the realm of project management by providing clients with a comprehensive and streamlined experience. Our unique approach revolves around a dedicated project manager who serves as the central point of contact, fostering efficient communication and coordination among all stakeholders. This manager takes charge of coordinating intricate details, from delivery schedules to addressing requested changes, ensuring that the project progresses smoothly and stays on course.

Beyond conventional project management services, Environments extends its commitment to excellence with a proactive stance on claims management, property oversight, and insurance compliance. Our project managers are equipped to handle warranty, damage, or defect claims promptly, preventing potential disruptions. Furthermore, we manage property-related aspects and ensure compliance with insurance standards, offering clients a holistic solution that goes beyond project completion. By providing transparent labor cost estimations, meticulous timeline and installation management, and a final punch list, Environments ensures that each project is not only successful but also exceeds expectations, embodying our dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and service.

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Inventory & Project Reconfigurations

Environments takes pride in its comprehensive approach to furniture reconfiguration services, catering to both large and small projects for existing spaces. Our process begins with a meticulous and accurate inventory conducted by an experienced Project Manager who is present on-site. This manager not only oversees the inventory process but also coordinates and executes all necessary packing and staging activities, ensuring a seamless transition during the reconfiguration phase. By having a dedicated Project Manager on-site, we enhance efficiency, communication, and coordination, addressing any specific requirements or concerns that may arise during the process.

Following the inventory and staging, Environments goes a step further by providing clients with customized space plan options and detailed installation drawings for the reconfiguration. This step ensures that the new layout aligns with the client’s vision while maximizing the functionality of the space. Our commitment to future planning is a key differentiator, as we present clients with forward-thinking options and drawings that take into account potential changes or expansions. This foresight not only adds value to the current reconfiguration but also positions clients for long-term success by creating flexible and adaptable workspaces. Environments’ holistic approach to furniture reconfiguration goes beyond the immediate needs of a project, providing clients with thoughtful and strategic solutions that stand the test of time.

Move Management

Environments can manage every step of an organization’s move. We provide a customized schedule for all relevant parties, and coordinate every detail of the move. We perform a pre- and post-move walk-through, and communicate processes for packaging and tagging to all employees. Onsite supervision is provided to ensure all aspects of the move progress smoothly; we can also include an inventory of any new or existing furniture.


For a variety of budgeting and planning reasons, leasing instead of buying may be the right choice for a client. Environments offers a variety of flexible financing solutions for acquiring our furniture services and related products. A simple application process, out-of-pocket savings, and tax benefits are just a few advantages of our leasing and financing programs. Please contact us for further information or to inquire about a specific project.