Thinking about giving the office an upgrade for 2023? Although there are many ways to incorporate modern office design, one of the most important factors to include is the presence of natural light. When evaluating your priorities for an office redesign, natural light is worth much more than just aesthetics. Curious about the many benefits? Here’s a look at why adding large windows, a skylight, or outdoor seating areas are a must for the modern workplace: 

Boost Vitamin D Levels

When afternoon rolls around in an office that’s shuttered to the sunlight, there are bound to be lots of yawns from employees. The reason for this is simple: our bodies need ample access to natural light to produce adequate levels of vitamin D. When the workplace is missing this critical element of design, your team members will be impacted. According to a survey conducted by Future Workplace, 47% of workers note feeling tired due to a lack of natural light in the workplace. 43% of those surveyed report that the absence of sunlight in the office negatively affects their mood. 

Improvement in Productivity

The nature of office culture is changing, which often translates to better productivity. With an increasing number of companies offering a hybrid work structure permanently, many employees are ready to make their time in the office count. Access to dynamic workspaces that let plenty of natural light in can make a notable impact on your team’s well-being, leading to improved productivity. A study by Rand Health Quarterly found that employees who are well-rested accomplish more than those who get only six hours of sleep. These findings are unsurprising, but the link between natural light and sleep is more significant than you may realize. Since sunlight helps our brains regulate circadian rhythms (which aid in supporting healthy sleep patterns), the workplace can be an important place to get some extra exposure to natural light. 

Increase the Value of the Space

In addition to happier and more engaged employees, incorporating features to let the light in adds value to your commercial space. Today’s tenants have an abundance of choices when it comes to leasing, and are far more likely to gravitate toward options that are designed for well-being. Installing modern touches such as large windows or a courtyard will not only benefit your current team, but will increase the value of the space for the future. 

If you’re looking forward to making improvements to the office in 2023, adding features to maximize natural light is a great strategy. Whether you’re planning to incorporate more windows or you have a more elaborate plan in mind, our design team is here to help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions about modern office design or you’d like to chat regarding your vision, contact us to start the process.