modern office design

Our Favorite Modern Office Furniture Pieces

Whether you’re designing your home office or upgrading a commercial space, you may be interested in incorporating modern office design. If you’re…

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The Most Popular Commercial Surfaces

If you’re considering making upgrades to the office, you may be interested in exploring the plethora of options for commercial work surfaces. The…

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Restaurant Seating in a Post COVID-19 Atmosphere

Dining at restaurants is a great way to support the local economy and break out of a social distancing rut. However, the restaurant scene looks a…

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office design of the 1980s

Office Design Throughout the Decades: The 1980’s

The 80’s is often referred to as the decade of decadence, and for good reason. Not only did this decade usher in hip-hop, big hair, Metallica, and…

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sustainable office furniture

Our Favorite Sustainable Office Furniture Pieces

Businesses play a crucial role in contributing to a greener world. By implementing green practices, including the utilization of sustainable office…

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Office Furniture Denver

2019 Office Design Trends

Office design trends are forever evolving. Each year, top designers create furniture, textiles, and lighting fixtures that help define what is in…

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Office Design | Denver Office Design

Essential Elements of Industrial Office Design

If you’re in the process of designing a modern office, you may be on the hunt for inspiration. Minimalist concepts have become increasingly popular…

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Modern Breakroom Design

As workspace trends shift from cubicle layouts to open, bright offices that promote active collaboration and employee productivity, modern breakroom…

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Using Interior Design to Appeal to a Certain Age Group

Office design trends are largely dictated by the desires of those who work in the offices. Depending on the age of employees, these desires may not…

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Everything You Need to Know about NeoCon 2018

From June 11th-13th, The Mart in Chicago transforms into the design industry’s Mecca.  NeoCon is the commercial design industry’s conference…

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Flexible Design Layouts for Planned Future Growth

In 2017, Colorado reached its lowest historical unemployment rate. The growth of businesses in our state requires workspace designs that accommodate…

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Glass Office Walls

Movable Office Walls

Modular office furniture has become an essential component of today’s more collaborative, open workplace designs. The ability to reconfigure…

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