As workspace trends shift from cubicle layouts to open, bright offices that promote active collaboration and employee productivity, modern breakroom design is changing as well. In the past, a company could limit the space to one where employees grab a cup of coffee or heat up their lunch, but today’s well-designed breakrooms are becoming vital communal spaces where employees feel encouraged to take a much-needed respite. Savvy companies are providing more than just the basics of food preparation. This multi-faceted design contributes to morale and can be a real perk to current and prospective employees. Here are some design tips for a new and improved breakroom.

Natural Light in an Open Space

If you can, situate the breakroom near windows. Not only does natural light reduce headaches and eyestrain by up to 84 percent, but it also makes the office space feel less confining. At the very least, limit or get rid of the fluorescent lights.

Once the lighting is improved, de-clutter and open up the furniture layout. Giving employees space to spread out will make the breakroom inviting even on quick breaks outside of the lunch hour. This is important, because the last thing you want is an inefficient space that’s only used for a brief time each day.

A Variety of Seating Options

Comfort is important to any workspace. During breaks, employees want seating styles that suit their particular comfort. Some may gravitate toward lower tables with mid-backed chairs that allow their feet to touch the ground. Others may want tall, bar-style arrangements for a relaxed meal. There may even be a preference for banquet-style seating or booths where small groups can gather for relaxed meetings. Variety is important here as it invites employees to use the breakroom for solo meals, group functions, and impromptu collaboration.

Residential-inspired Touches

Ideally, the breakroom feels a bit different than the rest of the office. Adding a unique style to the furniture in this area can achieve just that. Warm wood tones or colorful, offbeat furnishings that speak to a more relaxed, homey feeling can really aid in creating the eased atmosphere you want in this space.

As long as these residential-inspired touches gel with the workspace aesthetic of the rest of the office, you’ll have a breakroom that feels like a special retreat. This little addition to the work-life balance, even inside the office, can contribute to the happiness and productivity of employees.

Regardless of the current state of your breakroom, Environments has the furniture and design services to help you create a space your employees will love and use often. Don’t neglect this important part of the office. Contact us today.