Businesses play a crucial role in contributing to a greener world. By implementing green practices, including the utilization of sustainable office furniture, companies can give back to their communities and play a positive part in economic development.

At Environments, we partner with top-notch manufacturers who prioritize sustainability when creating and distributing office furniture. A majority of our top manufacturers have earned LEVEL™ certification on many of their products, meaning that pieces are made with sustainable materials and have a minimal impact on the earth’s natural resources. Many of our partners craft GREENGUARD-certified furniture and use materials from FSC-certified forests and manufacturing facilities. Our furniture will even help businesses on their path to becoming LEED certified. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly office furniture pieces.

Exchange Lounge

Allseating’s couch options come in various sizes and configurations to fit all workplace layouts. Create a comfortable lounge, break-out zone, or conference room with the Exchange 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4. Personalize the fabric, color, leg material, and more with Allseating’s simple styling tool. This green company has stringent sustainability policies and practices, ensuring that each chair, couch, or table was made with nature in mind.

U-Stations and Credenzas

HON takes the traditional workplace desk and creates a modern and efficient workstation that is both beautiful and functional. Its wrap-around desks and credenzas offer ample file storage, detachable hutches, and plenty of desk space. HON takes pride in creating innovative pieces that don’t sacrifice form for function, but instead strike a perfect balance between the two. Since 1947, this company has held sustainable practices in the highest regard and continues to prioritize a small footprint over anything else.

Element Vision and Vessel

Outfitting your workplace with appropriate, sustainable lighting solutions is key to communicating your brand and fostering green ethos. Humanscale considers both the person and environment in its stunning light fixtures. The Element Vision offers a beautiful take on the traditional table lamp and is sure to spruce up any desk, cabinet, or table it sits atop. Ceiling lights are transformed through Vessel light fixtures; these overhead bulbs eliminate glare, implement LED bulbs, and ramp up the overall design of any workspace. Humanscale strives to reduce its environmental impact while also improving its sustainable business practices because it believes that “less bad isn’t good enough”.

Bungee Tables

For offices, classrooms, and training sites that need flexible workspaces, the Bungee table offers an easy-to-assemble and striking option. These tables come together quickly through the use of Bungee cords and are a great benefit to startup companies looking for a solid mobile investment. Table shapes vary and include rectangular, wedge, keystone, trapezoid, and more to fit your workplace needs. Each piece is also offered in flip or fixed-top varieties so the user may curate a work space that is unique to the task at hand. Global Furniture Group employs an environmental committee and implements sustainability initiatives to ensure the company is doing its part in cultivating a greener world.

Environments Denver understands and appreciates its role in assisting businesses on their path to sustainability. We prioritize partnerships with ecologically conscious companies that are each doing their part to create, innovate, and foster environmental business practices. To learn more about sustainable office furniture options for your workplace, contact us today.