In 2017, Colorado reached its lowest historical unemployment rate. The growth of businesses in our state requires workspace designs that accommodate for more employees. Stagnant office designs crowd employees and cramp productivity. Thankfully, companies are trending toward flexible design layouts that can easily adapt to growing organizations. Here, we share why a flexible design space can benefit your company.


A flexible design layout is the sensible option that allows you to continuously meet the needs of your employees. With this layout, you’re able to keep pace with the changing workforce by utilizing collaborative spaces that can be rearranged to suit various groups. Research has shown that millennials prefer workspaces that are open, flexible, social, environmentally conscious, and spacious. They’re not alone: these design traits often boostoverall employee moraleand productivity.


With flexibility comes opportunity. Since workspaces have evolved to more open layouts, employees have branched out beyond their duties. Creating a space that encourages movement also encourages collaboration. This doesn’t negate the need for quiet areas when employees need to focus or have a meeting, but even those spaces don’t need to have set designs beyond soundproofing. An extra bonus is the camaraderie built in a flexible space. Employees who can interact with each other more freely are more likely to respect one another and work together, as opposed to seeing the other as competition.


A cubicle can be an expensive, bulky feature that often goes unused when collaborative spaces are available. A flexible design space is a great way to maximize your workspace and increase efficiency. That seems almost counterproductive, but the ability to adapt and rearrange spaces means the pieces that you purchase are more functional. Companies save moneyon rent because a flexible space accommodates more people in a more inviting environment.

Building a Better Business

A flexible office design is a great way to influence your company’s culture; a workplace environment that is welcoming and dynamic creates a healthier, happier workforce. Finding the balance between quiet areas and collaborative spaces ensures productivity and increases appeal, and not just to current employees. Potential hires are greatly influenced by the environment, so a workspace should be attractive, as well as practical. The functionality and openness of a flexible design layout gives employees the space to get involved at the office. Employees want to feel engaged at work beyond their job duties; they want to see a workspace that celebrates ingenuity and fosters a strong community. A flexible layout does both these things, and makes it easier for companies to expand.

At Environments Denver, we offer a wide range of services to meet your company’s needs. Whether you want to create a more inviting workspace or need help with relocation, we can help. We design offices with sustainability, functionality, and adaptability in mind. If you are looking to create a more dynamic space that evolves alongside your company, contact us today.