If you’re in the process of designing a modern office, you may be on the hunt for inspiration. Minimalist concepts have become increasingly popular in the last few years, and the industrial design is a great blend of minimalist and austere traits. This type of design is an excellent choice for contemporary workplaces, and offers a strong yet simple aesthetic. If you’d like to learn more about this architectural concept to explore whether it’s a fit for your office, take a look at the key elements we share below:

An Abundance of Open Space

Industrial home and office design often mimic the layout of a cavernous warehouse or garage. Plenty of open space is a must with this style, which makes it an ideal choice for collaborative workspaces. If your company plans to utilize an open floor plan, industrial design could be a solid choice for the office. To furnish the main sitting area, consider setting up long wooden or metal tables with antique or rustic light fixtures overhead.

Neutral Color Scheme

If you’re going for the industrial look, be sure to stick with a neutral color palette. This design is all about a raw, untreated aesthetic, so it’s best to keep the walls unpainted or done in neutral colors such as white or gray. In some cases, earthy tones may be used, but white, black, or gray are most commonly seen in industrial spaces.

Exposed Pipes and Beams

Considering an older office space that has exposed pipes or beams? That’s the perfect choice for the industrial look. Exposed pipes, ducts, and beams are the signature design concept used in industrial spaces, and contribute to the unfinished, resolute vibe. When paired with vintage light fixtures or untouched brick walls, the exposed beams and pipes will tie the look together.

Comfortable, No-Frills Furnishings

Take care when selecting furnishings for an industrial style office. A brand new, plush sofa will look out of place in the area, but a well-worn leather couch is a comfortable and practical option. If you’re looking for additional furnishings, keep an eye out for metal or wooden options.

The industrial design can lend an effortless, robust appearance to the workplace. This concept may be a particularly good fit for buildings with expansive, open floor plans, but even smaller spaces can benefit from a rustic, minimalist design. If you’re interested in pursuing an office designed with industrial elements, our team can help. It can be stressful to plan the perfect space or redesign an existing work area, but we’re here to handle the process from start to finish and help you select functional office furniture. When you’re ready to learn more about our services, please reach out to our team.