Thinking about upgrading the office in 2022? If you’re on the search for ways to make a positive impact on the space, be sure to explore different textures for incorporating into the workplace. If you’re hoping to avoid bland commercial office design, adding some creative texture that fits your brand’s aesthetic is a great move. Here, we share more about how textured materials can enhance commercial spaces.

What Impact Does Texture Have?

Texture plays an important role in defining the look and feel of a room. When done well, texture can add depth and dimension. There are several strategies for using texture to create depth and balance, including the classic layering technique. Incorporating rugs, window treatments, and even lighting all contribute texture to a space. With the right pieces and color palette, your workplace will come to life and make an immediate impression.

Types of Texture to Consider

When it comes to designing your commercial space, there’s no shortage of options for adding texture. Every material has its own texture, from velvety throw pillows to metal accent pieces. Not sure where to start? Consider these options and visualize the impact they’d bring to your workplace:

  • Wall coverings. Modern wall coverings have many exciting options, including richly textured material in any color(s) you can imagine.
  • Regardless of the vision you have in mind, flooring can help you achieve it. Many flooring materials are versatile, and a few of the most popular options include carpet, stamped concrete, wood, and luxury vinyl tile.
  • Statement wall. When adding dimension or depth is your goal, think beyond a shade of paint for an accent wall and opt for something that makes a splash. A living plant wall, tiled wall, or inlaid wood may be options to consider.
  • Fabrics offer an easy way to add interesting textures into the office. Depending upon your office aesthetic, a patterned rug or inviting sofa may bring much-needed warmth to the workplace.

Bringing different textures into your space is a tried-and-true strategy for enhancing commercial office design. Whether your workplace ambiance could benefit from sleek, streamlined materials or cozy, highly textured fabrics, our design team is here to help you bring your vision to life. When you’re ready to begin discussing your project, please contact us. We’re looking forward to learning more about your needs, budget, and timeline so we can create a plan of action to elevate your office for 2022 and beyond.