If you’re planning to update the office, wall coverings can often complement stylish office furniture. Although wallpaper once sounded dated, modern wall coverings are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to create the ideal aesthetic for your workspace. Interested in learning more about whether or not wall coverings are the right choice? Here, we share more about this growing trend.

Customize Your Space

When you think of wall coverings, your mind may jump to standard color palettes and patterns that you’ve seen many times before. If you’re looking for something new and different, rest assured that custom options are readily available. When you partner with a design firm to help you solidify or execute your vision, you’ll gain insight into the process of creating custom coverings or choosing from designer options. We offer wall coverings that are sophisticated and bold, including options that are rich in color or textured. From animal prints to leather-look, we can help you find wall coverings to suit any space.

A Long-Lasting Option

Office design plays a crucial role in first impressions and can even have an effect on employee mood and productivity. Once you’ve determined a color palette for the workplace, the two most common options are paint or wall coverings. Wall coverings provided by a reputable company are often more long-lasting than paint, boasting up to five times the lifespan of standard paint. Moreover, many wall coverings offer texture that’s more durable (and more luxurious to the touch) than paint.

Lower-Maintenance Materials

Flat paint is notorious for staining, and even glossy finishes require routine maintenance and touch-ups to stay looking fresh. Investing in frequent cleanings can really add up, so you may prefer to find an option that’s easier to maintain. If lower maintenance is your goal, washable wall coverings may be exactly what you need to help the office look its best while reducing the need for upkeep.

Although stylish office furniture is a must when designing your space, the paint or wall coverings are just as important in shaping the look and feel of the office. If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of wall coverings in your workplace, we’re here to help. We offer products from partners like Koroseal for high-quality coverings. Whether you’ve decided on this solution for the office or you’d like to discuss other options, our experienced team can assist you with every step of the design process. When you’re ready to proceed, please contact us to arrange a consultation.