If your office is ready for a redesign, you may be interested in bringing elements of the outdoors inside. There are numerous benefits to incorporating nature into commercial office design, and we can help you create a workplace that melds modern trends with the soothing essence of the outdoors. Interested in learning more about how you can accomplish the look and feel that you have in mind? Here, we share tips for adding touches of nature into your commercial space.

Decorate With Seasonal Plants

Seasonal plants are excellent for incorporating into the office. Studies have shown that the presence of live plants in the workplace can reduce employee stress by creating a tranquil environment. Decorating with foliage also has the potential to help boost mood and may even improve productivity. In addition to these perks, incorporating plants as part of the décor makes it easy to shake things up every few months. If you’re interested in experimenting with natural elements, try introducing seasonal plants into the workplace. When you work with an experienced interior design team, they’ll have connections to help you find the best options for each season.

Install a Living Plant Wall

Whether you’re looking for an interesting way to create a focal point or you’re simply trying to bring more greenery into the workplace, a living plant wall is an option to consider. Although they require a bit more maintenance than a typical accent wall, this addition to the office is often a calming influence that makes quite a statement. A living plant wall may be just what a large, empty space needs to come to life–just place some lounge seating nearby and let employees or visitors enjoy this touch of nature.

Use Earthy Tones

If live plants aren’t the right fit for your office aesthetic, earthy tones might be. Hues inspired by nature are a huge trend right now, and there are endless opportunities to adopt this color palette. Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year, October Mist 1495, is just one example of an earthy shade that can both soothe and inspire.

Designing with elements of nature can have a significant impact on office aesthetic and employee well-being. If you’re ready to create a nature-inspired space or add a few natural touches to the workplace, seek help from a team that specializes in commercial office design. Whether your vision for the office is complex or you’d just like a few simple updates, we’d love to work with you and ensure that the results are exactly what you’ve been envisioning. Ready to schedule your consultation? Please contact us to start the process.