The open floor plan is one of the most prevalent office furniture design trends. Open, airy commercial spaces are being adopted by virtually every industry, and for good reason: this layout provides the ultimate flexibility for employees. If you’re moving into an open floor plan office (or renovating your current space), the ideas we share may help you achieve the aesthetic that’s ideal for your brand:

Glass Walls

Although an open floor plan design with lots of natural light is excellent for productivity, the workplace may feel too cavernous without the privacy and sound-proofing that walls provide. If you need to break up the space in your open floor plan office while keeping that collaborative feel, consider adding glass walls. A glassed-in conference room or tucked away corner for one-on-one meetings is a great way to maximize the space while offering a more intimate environment.

Booth Meeting Spaces

If you’re looking for intuitive ways to add meeting areas, incorporating booths may be an inviting option. Like the plush seating at your favorite restaurant (but with extra-tall dividers to offer privacy), booths are a cozy and modern element of office design. They work especially well in open floor plan spaces, and are often located along a wall to keep the center of the room free.

Bustling Community Areas

If you have an expansive commercial building and you’d like to create an area that’s much more fun than a typical breakroom, dedicate a portion to community space. Typically located near the kitchen and away from the main work space, a community area offers a place of respite for team members. When creating a spot for colleagues to gather, be sure to include a variety of comfortable seating and perhaps even a game or two. In addition to encouraging team building, a large common space is the perfect venue for company festivities.

The beginning of the New Year is an excellent time to give your workspace and your employees a fresh start with an updated design. Open floor plans are one of the most popular layouts, and we’d love to help you incorporate modern office design trends into the workplace. Whether the ideas here capture your attention or you have a different vision in mind, our team can work with you to create an office space that reflects your brand’s unique needs. When you’re ready to start the process, reach out to us to schedule a consultation.