As more workplaces begin the transition back to the office, making an amenity space more comfortable for employees may be of interest. In addition to implementing a flexible approach, creating a welcoming atmosphere using modern office furniture will help team members feel more at home. Ready for some inspiration? Take a look at some ideas below:

Clearly Define Spaces For Work and Play

When designing amenity spaces, start by making distinctions between areas meant for work and play. This separation is beneficial for many work styles and offers a guilt-free retreat when it’s time to step away from productivity for a moment. Even facilities with open floor plans can achieve a more separated feel by installing a mix of glass walls and solid walls or getting creative with furniture placement.

Upgrade the Kitchen

When employees are coming back into the office after working remotely, they’re likely to miss the elements of comfort that were a given at home. The kitchen has boundless potential as an amenity space, so you may want to consider making upgrades to make it feel like a cozy café. Adding a variety of comfortable seating options such as booths and bars with laptop charging stations will encourage team members to stop and recharge with a meal. If the kitchen isn’t already equipped with enticing snacks and beverages, now is the time to splurge on appliances such as an oversized fridge and a user-friendly espresso machine.

Go Casual With the Conference Room

Comfortable and collaborative often go hand in hand, so many companies are embracing a more relaxed approach to collaborative spaces. If your goal is to foster strong teams and let collaboration flourish, consider a redesign of the conference room. You may find success by including couches, side tables for laptops, and other furniture pieces that would traditionally look more at home in a living room than a conference room.

2022 will be a big year for office redesigns as employees return to the workplace after nearly two years of remote work. If you’re interested in upgrading your building with modern office furniture, you may prefer to work with a professional design team. Our experienced commercial designers and customer service team will take the stress out of the renovation process, whether your project is large-scale or simple. Our goal is to help connect you with your vision and make it come to life, and it all begins with a consultation. When you’re ready to get started, please reach out to us for a consultation.