The word “productivity” has seen an evolution over the past ten years. Gone are the days when it meant keeping your head down and working until the day was over. Now, productivity means keeping employees engaged, finding creative solutions to problems, and brainstorming new ideas. Thankfully, offices are now being designed with this new definition in mind. Here are ways to maximize productivity and efficiency in your workspace.

Encourage employee interaction, but give space for privacy

Having a central common area where employees can meet and collaborate increases productivity because it creates opportunity for conversation. When employees are isolated, tasks can become unmanageable. However, giving people the chance to interact with various members of the company offers more chances for innovation and problem solving.

Along with this idea, having nooks or smaller private areas where employees can move these conversations is also helpful. Brainstorming while others are taking a break can be distracting, so it is important to have areas where employees can go to keep innovating. Consider smaller meeting rooms, or nooks with whiteboards; there is a plethora of ways to provide spaces for employees to collaborate.

Make meeting rooms more open and more flexible

Walled off conference rooms are boring and isolating. Instead, surround conference rooms with glass walls. This creates enough separation for a quiet meeting space, but it is also easier to keep everyone’s mind alert.

Another way to make meetings more efficient is by including standing desks and conference tables. Studies have shown that holding standing meetings keeps employees more engaged and less defensive. Standing meetings are also beneficial to physical health, as studies have also shown that sitting for too long is detrimental to more than just productivity.

Light your office more naturally

Fluorescent lighting is linked to several negative effects like migraines, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. That is because our bodies react differently to manufactured lighting than they do to natural lighting. The more natural light you can have in your office, the better it is for your employees and productivity. In fact, studies have shown that optimized natural lighting increases employee productivity by 2% and alertness by 56%, which is a net gain for your company and your employees.

Consider the curve

In spaces where you want to encourage collaboration and increase productivity, try circular furniture or arrangements. Studies show that working in a circle creates a more collective mindset, which is necessary to problem solving. On the other hand, to maximize individual work, traditional straight desks encourage independence. By incorporating both, your office space lets employees decide where and how they want to get work done.

Creating the most productive and efficient workspace can be challenging, which is where Environments Denver comes in. We’re dedicated to design that optimizes your workspace, encourages collaboration, and brings beauty and style back into the office. Redesigning your office can make it more appealing to potential hires and clients, while increasing employee retention and satisfaction. To get started on renovating your space, contact us now.