Color trends change by the year, and Pantone has selected Living Coral as the Color of the Year for 2019. This cheerful hue breathes life into any space that it occupies, and can add a touch of playfulness to the workplace. If you’re on the search for design and décor ideas to make the office feel more energized, try incorporating Living Coral into the workplace. Here, we share inspiration for how to integrate nature-inspired coral tones.

Coral Accent Wall  

An accent wall provides a pop of unexpected color without overwhelming the room. Accent walls are an excellent alternative if you’d like to incorporate bold colors into the office while maintaining a professional appearance.  To add a subtle bit of zest to a common space, consider painting a coral accent wall in the breakroom or conference room. The accent wall will serve as a focal point for the room, so choose a prominent area for the splash of color, such as the wall behind a podium where presentations are given. If you’re opting to place the accent wall in the breakroom, choose an area that receives the most traffic.  Modern breakrooms should never feel boring, and an accent wall in a pleasant hue such as Living Coral will create a vibrant atmosphere.

Sitting Area Décor  

Many offices are home to drab, uninspired furnishings. While neutrals can be a solid choice for the workplace, clients or staff may prefer a less traditional aesthetic. To make the transition from conventional office décor to bolder pieces, investing in a coral couch or other sitting area furniture piece is a great place to start. In many cases, colorful furnishings will offer the perfect level of effortless energy.  

Rugs or Curtains  

If a coral sofa or lounge chair doesn’t feel like the right fit for your office, cheerful curtains or an area rug could be the ideal solution. Coral curtains would look especially uplifting in a room that receives a large amount of natural light, and a small area rug can serve as a lighthearted focal point in a room that needs some brightening up.

Living Coral is a versatile choice for any home or office. Its golden undertones can encourage feelings of wellbeing and happiness, so it’s especially well-suited for gathering areas in the workplace. If you’d like to explore the many possibilities of using coral tones in the office, please reach out to our team. We specialize in taking the guesswork out of office design, and we’re here to help you create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing office that promotes productivity.