modern office design

Our Favorite Modern Office Furniture Pieces

Whether you’re designing your home office or upgrading a commercial space, you may be interested in incorporating modern office design. If you’re…

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Activity-Based Workspaces

Activity-based workspaces are all the rage right now, and rightfully so; there is a plethora of benefits to this style. Whether your office wants to…

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The Best Office Chairs for Promoting Good Posture

When you’re at work, you should be comfortable. Your office should be designed in a way that promotes positivity, collaboration, and productivity. It…

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Residential Style in Commercial Offices: Mid-Century Modern Design

Residential-style workspaces are increasingly popular in commercial offices around the country. Think about couches, coffee tables, floor lamps, and…

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Office Technology & Furniture

Office Furniture is Getting Device-Friendly

Device-friendly office furniture is no longer a trend. It happened slowly at first. Before we knew it, the CRT monitor was gone. Long live the flat…

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Placeable Office Furniture Project Pictures

5 Modern Office Furniture Essentials

Today's workplace is evolving rapidly, spurred by new technology and performance measures. Here are 5 must-haves in the new office environment. 1.…

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