Device-friendly office furniture is no longer a trend.

It happened slowly at first. Before we knew it, the CRT monitor was gone. Long live the flat screen revolution!

Changes in technology are now happening more rapidly than ever. The death of the CRT monitor was the last trackable milestone of a bygone

Advances in technology have ushered in not only a change in the way we interact with the world, but also a change in how we work. Technology has given us our desk space back. CRT monitors took up an enormous amount of room. LCD monitors have liberated much of our work surface. Desks no longer have to be so deep. When you introduce flat screen monitor arms, the only thing on our desk these days is a keyboard and a mouse.

Technology didn’t just free up our work surface. It also offered us more office space to work with. Now the workplace can have plenty of room for foosball tables, trampolines and napping pods. Have you seen the inside of a Google office?

Our mobile devices are literally changing the office landscape. Commercial furniture manufactures such as National Office Furniture, Global, HON and Allermuir are all introducing products that seamlessly integrate power, data and our socially connected world. Here are some examples of tech friendly office furniture:

  • The Brentford TechGuard Charging Locker provides locking storage and charging for individual laptops, tablets and phones.
  • The AirCharge from ElectriCable Assemblies solution enables users to power and charge their devices without the hassle of messy cords or cables.
  • Mio Collaborative Tables from National makes meetings flow by incorporating technology with grommets and projection options that allow individuals to share their device desktops with a click of a button.

Technology has not only changed how we work, but also where we work. More and more employers are beginning to embrace the notion of a mobile workforce. Work permitting, we can now dial in from the home office or a coffee shop. Communicating with the mother ship is still as important as ever. Conference rooms must now meet new demands. Video presentation walls, power and data ports and integrated voice technology is now required for meeting spaces.

Today’s business owners and office managers have a unique challenge ahead of them. How do they adapt and keep pace with emerging technology? How do they give employees the tools and resources they need to stay connected yet mobile? Environments Denver is a great resource for answers to these questions. Be sure to contact us for an in-person look at how today’s modern office furniture is helping us integrate technology.