Today’s workplace is evolving rapidly, spurred by new technology and performance measures. Here are 5 must-haves in the new office environment.

1. Collaborative Space

Remember when the only time you bumped into someone from Accounting was at the office holiday party? Those days are long gone.

Collaborative office spaces & furniture are now recognized as an important part of office life. Not only do they provide a great way to gain a fresh perspective on old projects, but they also help build culture and a sense of unity among employees. Spaces where people from different departments can meet, relax, and discuss goals and strategies for solving complex business problems (not just individual or departmental problems) – these spaces are invaluable.

2. Mobility Space

Portable devices and apps have changed the way we live and the way we work. Mobility isn’t a trend, it’s a reality.

While many organizations are still getting comfortable with the idea of a remote workforce, dynamic and modern companies are embracing it. Today’s workforce requires office space that allows employees the flexibility and freedom to pop in and out at a moment’s notice. Open floorplans with worksurfaces designed to accommodate mobility are a must have for modern workplaces.

3. Flexibility

Modern workplaces are more dynamic than ever. With rising real estate costs and shrinking floorplans, business owners are forced to rethink how they use space.

“In most markets, we’re advising customers to budget 5% to 6% increases in construction costs on an annual basis,” said Greg Clark, Vice President of Estimating for Mortenson in Minneapolis. (Wall Street Journal)  Modular office furniture can help maximize limited office space by adapting to different situations. A training room can quickly convert to a private conference room one day, and easily accommodate a scrum meeting the next. Seating can be stacked and stored away or spread out for a company meeting within a few minutes. Flexibility is key.

4. Sustainable Products

The environment is a hot topic, and for good reason. With growing concerns about climate change, every opportunity to be less wasteful should be evaluated.

Environments has partnered with earth-conscious furniture manufactures such as Evolve, National, and Humanscale to help our clients further their green initiatives. Whether you are pursuing LEED certification for your building or just want to retrofit your old office furniture with level-certified products, there are plenty of environmentally friendly options to choose from.

5. Good Design

There’s a reason why Apple is so successful, and it has very much to do with exceptional design.

Apple continues to focus on products that people love to use. Office furniture should be no exception. Many workers continue to spend a great deal of time in the office, and office design has a huge impact on their well-being and productivity. Factors like space planning, color, texture, ergonomics and lighting are all part of the equation.

Enjoyable spaces will always have a positive impact on productivity and morale. Environments Denver can help create a modern, energizing, collaborative and beautiful space for your organization – please contact us today.