If you’re thinking about upgrading the office, the breakroom is a critical area to consider. Whether your company operates on a hybrid schedule or employees are in the office full time, modern office design is a must for promoting employee well-being. If you’re ready to revitalize the breakroom, there are several factors to consider. Interested in designing a space with trends of the future? Here are a few design elements that team members will appreciate now and in the future: 

Incorporate Nature in Your Office Breakroom Design

As an increasing number of studies have shown, embracing nature in the workplace can boost employees’ happiness (and in turn, productivity). Although traditional breakrooms are often bland in their design, we expect more offices to bring nature to the forefront. There’s no better place for plants than the breakroom–you can get creative with a living plant wall, install large windows to overlook a courtyard, or simply design the room with earthy tones. 

Touchless Technology 

Of course, COVID-19 has brought new considerations into office design. If you’re planning to update common areas, touchless technology can be a welcome addition. Look for touchless checkout options to become more mainstream, allowing employees to purchase snacks and beverages without exchanging germs. Automatic lights are nothing new, but this touchless tech is increasingly becoming a necessity in offices to eliminate light switch contamination (and to improve energy efficiency). 

Private Break “Pods”

While many individuals view the breakroom as a communal place to catch up with coworkers, others prefer to recharge in private. Workspaces of the future will be designed with a variety of needs in mind, so be on the lookout for pods to become more commonplace. 

Increased Amenities

Even smaller companies are jumping on the bandwagon to provide team members with more amenities in the breakroom. If you have a large or open space to work with, consider adding several rec-room-style offerings. Amenities to add some excitement to the day and avoid monotony is not only great for sparking creativity, but may also contribute to team bonding. 

When you’re ready to reinvigorate the breakroom with modern office design, the ideas mentioned here may help you draw inspiration. We’re loving the latest trends for the common area, and there are many benefits to creating a space for employees to kick back, relax, and get a change of scenery. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of updating the breakroom (or any other part of the office), we’re here to help! Please reach out to our team to start the process of designing the workplace you’ve always envisioned.