If you’re planning to transition back to the traditional workplace environment soon, you may be on the search for ways to make the space feel more like home. Many employees have worked remotely since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, so returning to a face-to-face setting may feel unusual and even a little nerve-racking. To ensure that your office or workspace is a cozy sanctuary where you feel right at home, consider incorporating the functional office furniture and accessories that we share here.

Add a Houseplant

Plants have numerous benefits for health and wellness, and adding a houseplant to your office décor is an excellent strategy for bringing a calm sense of home to the space. When you need to find your Zen, consider placing an office-friendly plant such as English ivy, aloe, or philodendron on your desk. These options are low maintenance and ideal for adding some comfort to your workspace.

Place an Accent Rug In the Room

If you’re looking for a way to soften the look of the room, choose an accent rug in warm or neutral colors. Earthy tones are often a great choice for adding a touch of home while ensuring that your space looks and feels professional.

Experiment With Aromatherapy

Do you associate home with a certain scent? If you feel relaxed the moment you catch a whiff of lavender or vanilla, consider bringing an essential oil diffuser into your workspace. Comforting aromas will not only calm your senses, but may even help you increase your productivity and attentiveness.

Choose Softer Lighting

Many offices are equipped with fluorescent lighting that can lead to headaches or simply look a little too harsh after a few hours on the job. If the lights are causing eye strain, choose an accent lamp or two to complement the look of your space. A couple of lamps often provide plenty of illumination, and you can choose the best lighting for your needs.

Include Homey Furniture

When you need some additional comfort in your office, include a piece of furniture that’s reminiscent of home. If you have the space, a loveseat, plush chair, or small couch can work wonders for softening the look of the room. Sinking into a comfortable couch or chair when you need a break can also help you relax and recharge so you’re ready to put in your best work after a breather.

As you begin your transition back to a conventional office setting, adding elements of home can help you settle in more easily. Whether you’re hoping to add comfortable (yet functional) office furniture to your commercial building or you’re interested in a more comprehensive project, we’d love to help. Please contact us to arrange a consultation so we can learn more about your vision and goals.