First impressions are a big deal and usually stick. Your business’s office space serves as a great avenue to make solid first impressions on clients, colleagues, and potential new hires. Office furniture, decor, and fixtures tend to see a lot of traffic, garnering daily use, five times per week, year after year. Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to refresh your office furniture.

Signs of Wear & Tear are Clearly Visible

Desk chairs, lounge seating, and conference room chairs typically see a fair amount of action. Check the arms, seat, and back fabric for signs of wear and tear, like faded fabric, stains, and worn patches. You should strongly consider replacing any furniture that shows use in these ways, as they can communicate a negative message to anyone associating with your business. To minimize waste, consider putting these chairs in a lesser-used part of the office, reupholstering them, or donating them to a second-hand store.

The Style of Your Office Furniture is Dated

Office furniture trends come and go. While some interior designs, like the open floor plan, have stuck around and are seemingly timeless, types of furniture, fabric patterns, and hard materials can rotate in and out of fashion. If pieces in your office are obviously from a past decade, it’s time to swap them out for something new and timeless. Natural materials and earthtone solids never really go out of style and can easily complement other trendy furnishings you might want to bring in and out.

The Office Furniture Doesn’t Serve A Purpose

If a piece of office furniture no longer serves a purpose, it’s time to get rid of it. Donate anything that you no longer use to free up space for items that promote a productive and collaborative work environment. Consider using furniture or fixtures that are dynamic and can be stowed away when not in use, like mobile desks to increase work space when staff want to collaborate on a project.

It’s Uncomfortable

Because we spend a large chunk of time at work, it’s crucial that furniture is comfortable and supportive. Old desk chairs, sagging couches, and cramped desks can prevent good posture and actually cause injury over time. Ergonomic is more than a buzzword, it’s a design style that promotes body well-being by supporting skeletal alignment. Ergonomic desks and chairs allow the human body to behave in a way that feels more comfortable and natural.

Fixtures and furniture may seem like an afterthought, especially if you don’t frequently entertain clients in the office. However, attracting new staff members and boosting the morale of your team can be done with beautiful and comfortable interior design. By refreshing your office furniture when it’s necessary, you are more likely to keep a loyal team, attract resourceful employees, and acquire clients. Environments can help you determine which furniture pieces are right for your office space. Give us a call today to learn about our buying and leasing options.