Ready to upgrade the office? Whether you’re planning to make a few simple changes or an ambitious transformation, there’s no question that comfortable, stylish chairs are essential. If you need inspiration for functional office furniture, our designers are here to help. We talked to our team about their favorite seating for the workplace, which we highlight here:

Sarah’s Pick: Indie by JSI

Sarah loves the Indie chair by JSI. If you’re looking for a product with a cozy feel, this chair may be the ideal fit. Sarah says: “I love the introduction of a rocking chair into a commercial design atmosphere. We always find ourselves searching for comfort in seating that has a little movement, and this chair provides you with exactly that. The chair comes with what they call “comfort wrinkles” which gives an extra cozy feel. With many of us having enjoyed rocking chairs since we were babies, who says we can’t enjoy them as an adult as well?”

Van’s Pick: Nuvem by Eurotech

The Nuvem chair by Eurotech melds comfort with function. Its bold design is eye-catching, and its high-tech features give this chair an edge over competitors. According to Van, “My favorite chair is the Eurotech Nuvem chair with the laptop tablet and ottoman. It’s more affordable than the Herman Miller Eames and just as stylish and comfortable. I love this chair in a home office setting.”

Bonnie’s Pick: Pivot Swivel Daybed by JANUS et Cie

When the office could use cozy outdoor seating, your team may love an out-of-the-box option like Bonnie’s favorite seating. “The Pivot Swivel Daybed by JANUS et Cie is one of my favorite luxury outdoor accents.  The ability to move the bed as well as the sun canopy allows the user to get just the right amount of sunlight or shade. The daybed also has wheels, so its placement can be adjusted easily,” Bonnie says.

Heidi’s Pick: Heya by OFS

Lounge pieces are essential for both collaborative spaces and individual offices. Heidi recommends the Heya collection by OFS: “I love the variety of options provided within the OFS Heya family.  I think the idea of creating a room within a room is so important to today’s evolving workspace. Heya offers it all: togetherness, separation, collaboration and solitude all in one family of products.”

Functional office furniture is a must in creating a space that’s both beautiful and enjoyable. Inviting seating is one of the best investments you can make for your employees, and our designers have personally experienced the benefits of the chairs showcased here. If you’re ready to proceed with designing a workplace that includes stylish and comfortable furniture, our team would love to assist you. Please contact us today to start the process.