The coronavirus pandemic has upended the way we work and has created the unexpected opportunity for offices to make significant upgrades while employees are working from home. While buildings sat vacant, many owners jumped at the chance to overhaul outdated commercial spaces with updated design. If you’re interested in modernizing the workplace, there are many practical options for breathing a breath of fresh air into the environment. From incorporating modern commercial office furniture to making changes to the architecture, here are a few of our favorite ways to upgrade an older space: 

Take Down Walls

Secluded working areas are often a hallmark of offices from decades past. If your goal is to bring the building into the here and now, taking down walls is an excellent way to go. As you’ve likely noticed, open floor plans are the new norm and are excellent for encouraging collaboration. If you’re looking for ways to help the building feel more spacious, taking down walls to create an open floor plan (or replacing them with glass walls) will transform the look and feel of the environment. 

Choose a Vibrant Color Palette

Although clean, crisp white walls are timeless, a vibrant new color palette can work wonders on a space that needs some freshening up. The great thing about color is that you don’t need to go overboard and overwhelm the area–just a few details will add some life. Including your brand’s color scheme in the office can bolster morale and identity, while opting for nature-inspired hues is on-trend and soothing. 

Bring Nature Indoors or Set Up Outdoor Work Areas

In addition to rethinking the office’s color palette, bringing glimpses of nature indoors or creating outdoor workspaces will help modernize the workplace. Research shows that plants play a significant role in impacting mood, so many companies are doing everything possible to make nature accessible. There are many options for bringing foliage to the building, including installing a living plant wall, placing office-friendly plants around the workplace, and creating outdoor gathering areas. If you have a courtyard with ample greenery, adding large windows for optimal viewing and natural light filtration is another strategy for connecting with nature. 

If you’re ready to renovate an outdated space, there is an abundance of possibilities for modernizing. Whether you’re planning to switch outdated pieces with modern commercial office furniture or you have a more in-depth vision in mind, our team is here to help. We handle projects of all scopes and sizes, and we’d love to speak with you to learn more about what you envision for your workspace. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.