Office design plays an essential role in building a brand image. The layout, furniture, and décor choices can go a long way in shaping perceptions about your company, so it’s important to navigate the design process with care. If you’re interested in finding office furniture design trends to mesh with your desired brand image, consider the tips we share here:

Incorporate Company Colors

Company colors are a must when planning an office space that reflects your brand. Even unusual shades can be incorporated into the office. For example, coral is the 2019 color of the year. This bright, cheerful shade usually isn’t associated with professional spaces, but it works surprisingly well when incorporated in strategic ways. If you’re not sure about using a bright or bold color in the workplace, try experimenting with furniture, artwork, or an accent wall.

Take Company Values into Account

If you’re in the process of finding the ideal commercial office design, be sure to take company values into consideration. If you place a high priority on teamwork and collaboration, the traditional cubicle setup may not be the best option. Instead, seek out office space with an open floor plan and plenty of natural light. Stock the open area with long, conference-style tables so employees are free to move about and mingle. The right space will have a significant impact on projecting brand image, and can have a considerable effect on employee happiness and performance. Additionally, focus on selecting office furniture that reflects the mission of the business. If you’re a vibrant company that caters to a younger demographic, don’t be afraid to choose trendy or out-of-the-box pieces.

Highlight Your Brand’s History

To boost employee morale and unite the workplace, consider including a few details about the company throughout the building. This can be as simple as displaying the company logo in a prominent place, such as near the reception area. If you’d like to go the extra mile, designate a space for outlining the history of the business. A brief synopsis of major milestones can be a treat for both employees and visitors to peruse, and serves as a great motivator for future progress.

While it’s certainly important to consider the latest office furniture design trends when planning the workspace, it’s even more crucial to stay true to your company’s unique culture and values. Designing an office shouldn’t be stressful, so if you need help visualizing the best setup for the space, our team at Environments is here. We offer a comprehensive set of services, including space planning and design, project management, move management, and more. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create the ideal workplace, please reach out to our team.