For most of history, financial institution design hasn’t been the most inspiring. Banks, credit unions, and other finance-oriented establishments typically featured sleek but bland furniture and minimal, if any, décor. That’s changing. Many financial institutions are embracing the latest trends in commercial office design to create a more welcoming environment for clients and employees. Interested in learning what we’re seeing in finance spaces? Here’s a look at what’s in right now:

Natural Lighting

Anyone who’s ever worked in a bank or credit union probably remembers the headache-inducing fluorescent lighting. We’re happy to report that like other commercial spaces, financial institutions are increasingly opting for natural light. Skylights and large windows are popular choices for allowing more sunshine in, which acts as a natural mood-booster for all visitors to the building.

Community-Focused Spaces

You already know that when you visit a bank, there’s a chance you’ll be waiting a while. To enhance comfort and brand loyalty, more financial institutions are adding community-focused spaces. Although self-serve coffee stations have been common in banks for years, more impressive coffee bars are entering the scene. Other common areas, such as multipurpose rooms and extra-cozy seating nooks complete with TVs, are also becoming more mainstream.

Live Plants

Like natural light, plants have a way of making any space feel more inviting. There are many ways to incorporate plants into financial institutions, from low-maintenance potted plants to more elaborate statements such as living plant walls. Regardless of how you choose to include foliage into interior design, your employees and visitors will benefit from fresher air and an improved sense of well-being.

Digital Elements

It’s no surprise that technology is continuing to make inroads in the design of commercial spaces across all industries. From restaurants to hotels and banks, digital elements are on the rise. Highly visible display screens and self-serve kiosks with tablets (and plexiglass screening) are now mainstays of many modern banks and other financial institutions.

Businesses in the finance industry are increasingly turning to trends that add comfort and utility to the ambiance. Touches of nature, extra-large screens for optimal viewing, and multi-use community spaces are just a few of the top choices we’re seeing in banking. If you’re interested in introducing modern commercial office design into your financial institution, we’re here to help. From adding simple upgrades to planning a new building from the ground up, our team has the expertise that’s necessary to make your vision come to life. When you’re ready to start the process, please reach out to us for a consultation.