Thinking about upgrading the office for the New Year? Before you begin your project, you may be interested in exploring the latest trends in commercial design. There are many possibilities for workplace office furniture solutions, and the ideas we share here are forward-thinking and ideal for the modern office environment.

Bringing Elements of Home Into the Office

Many workers are just now beginning to return to the workplace. Transitioning from the home office to a traditional setting may feel like a significant change, so consider adding comforting touches to the office. To create a welcoming space, choose cozy plush seating (such as sofas or soft lounge chairs), throw blankets, and accent pillows.

Touches of Nature

Bland workplaces with whitewashed walls and cold, fluorescent lighting have been on the decline for several years and are being replaced by a more natural feel. Science shows that nature provides soothing effects, so introducing natural elements into the office is intuitive. Installing large windows or skylights to allow sunlight to filter in is an excellent way to help employees feel more in touch with nature (and may even provide a boost in productivity). Decorating with office-friendly foliage and opting for live-edge furniture are also great strategies for moving away from a traditionally corporate aesthetic.

Noise Control

As employees transition into their new routine, noise control will be an increasingly important component in commercial design. There are many ways to improve the acoustics of a space, from sound masking technology to flooring options designed to optimize how sound travels. When employees have a tranquil space with just the right amount of background noise, distractions are minimized while mood and productivity are improved.

Flex Spaces and Creative Workplace Office Furniture Solutions

Flex spaces are becoming increasingly common and for good reason. When team members have the freedom to choose a seat wherever they feel most comfortable, they’re more likely to be productive. To create an effective and flexible workplace, be sure to provide several clear-cut areas with different seating options. If you have an outdoor courtyard, make use of the space by placing weather-proof tables and chairs there. In addition to traditional desks and office chairs indoors, consider setting up collaborative spaces (such as long tables with barstools) and lounge chairs in an open area.

If you’re looking forward to making improvements to the office in 2022, the trends mentioned here may be ideal for incorporating into your commercial building. Whether you have simple changes in mind or you’re envisioning something more elaborate, our team can help you find workplace office furniture solutions. Please contact us for a consultation. We’re looking forward to learning more about your project and developing a plan to fit your vision, budget, and timeline.