Thoughtfully curated office lighting design has the ability to communicate your company’s message, boost staff moods, and attract business. The design elements you choose, including light fixtures, can make or break the feel of an entire workplace. Here are some new trends shaping the way we light our offices and workplaces.

Architectural Lighting

Instead of implementing a set lighting pattern in symmetrical, gridded formats, interior designers and architects are now focusing on melding light fixtures with the surfaces they illuminate. This type of lighting involves asymmetrical lighting patterns that may highlight a vaulted ceiling or run the length of a countertop or bannister. Allowing the building’s interior materials, shape, and layout to influence lighting design helps a space feel more organic and inviting. Light no longer clashes or amplifies, but instead soothes and flows from each area of the workplace.

Environmentally Conscious Practices

It’s no secret that LED lights have completely reinvented the way we light our spaces. Most offices have now completely replaced outdated, energy zapping fluorescent lighting with advanced LED technology. This switch is less taxing on utility bills and the environment. Moreover, companies seeking LEED certification will absolutely need to ditch traditional bulbs.

In addition to using better bulbs, companies are installing smarter light fixtures. These include overhead lights that are set to a timer, motion sensing lamps, or color matching bulbs that mirror the time of day. Lighting an entire office can be a drain on smaller businesses, making it crucial to implement smart, up-to-date lighting practices.

Geometric Shapes

Gone are the days of traditional square and rectangular lights that pepper the ceiling between white-washed tiles. Interior design companies are prioritizing unique design in workplace light fixtures. Geometric shapes fit with any preexisting office aesthetic and have the ability to modernize the spaces they light. Consider adding geometric recessed lighting or overhead pendants to completely change a room’s vibe.

Less is More

Think simplicity when it comes to selecting light fixtures for your workplace. Anything too gaudy or ostentatious will draw attention away from your products or services. Beauty lies in minimalism and many designers are growing increasingly minimal. Floor and table lamps, ambient lights, and overhead illumination can be accomplished with sleek, smart fixtures that don’t distract. Simplistic lighting has the ability to speak volumes when paired with unique, artful design elements. Consider implementing modest lighting to showcase your company’s products or as a way to light displays of your work.

Office lighting design is continuing to move away from merely fulfilling a need within the office to acting as a main feature in communicating a business’s style. Bespoke light fixtures, environmentally conscious bulbs, and minimalistic design are key to any office redesign. At Environments Denver, we partner with trustworthy and innovative companies who prioritize creating clean, efficient, and beautiful light fixtures for the workplace. Contact us today to learn more.