It’s no secret that listening to certain types of music and sounds increases productivity, boosts moods, and helps efficiency. Utilizing ambient sound throughout an office space can greatly improve the overall workplace atmosphere, helping staff operate at peak performance, complete tasks efficiently, and leave each day with spirits high. Here are the benefits of ambient noise in your modern office design.

Ease the Monotony of Rote Tasks

Certain administrative tasks involve a level of routine and can become monotonous quickly. Rote activities like filing, organizing, and data entry are extremely vital to the health of any business but can become time consuming when boredom sets in. Once employees are comfortable and familiar with a straightforward task, ambient noise can help draw them into it and allow them to complete it quicker and more efficiently. Enjoyment of monotonous tasks has also been proven to increase when ambient noise or music is played.

Increase Concentration and Inspire Imagination

The workplace is often bustling and boisterous, causing significant distractions for those without private offices. Focusing on works that require intense concentration or generating new and inspired ideas can be nearly impossible with external interruptions. Playing ambient noise mutes superfluous sounds around the office – ringing phones, indistinct chatter, footsteps – making it easier for staff to concentrate.

Boost Employee Wellness

Loud noises and high levels of distraction are proven to increase stress and anxiety. Agitating and off-putting sounds can hinder employee health, dampen moods, and have even been proven to increase injury in the workplace. If the staff feels stressed, they won’t be able to produce quality work in an efficient manner, generating even more stress. Pumping ambient sounds throughout the office cuts down on additional noise, masks next door neighbors, and helps employees relax and focus. They will leave work feeling accomplished, recharged, and ready to return the next day.

Open Office Plans

This popular design is conducive to collaboration, inspiration, and engagement. However, the lack of walls, cubicles, and dividers can allow noise to flow easily from person to person. Implementing sound deadening techniques and ambient noise reduces superfluous sounds, making it easier for employees to focus in open office spaces. Second only to audible conversation, offices noises are a huge productivity killer in open office floor plans.

Adding Ambient Noise

Pumping soothing, ambient sound in the office has been proven to help staff perform cognitive tasks with greater proficiency. Ambient noise is comprised of steady, soft, continuous sounds. Conversation and other office noises are varying, jarring, and random, often taking us away from the task at hand. While ambient noise actually increases the sound levels in the office, it does so by masking random noises with an invariable sound.

At Environments Denver, we can optimize your modern office design to increase efficiency and productivity. Our sound-masking solutions and sound-dampening furniture and wall features reduce excess noise and foster an atmosphere of quiet calm. Boost staff moods and facilitate quality work by adding ambient sound noise to your office. Contact us to learn more.