Captivating, innovative office design has the power to inspire staff, communicate the brand’s ethos, and attract loyal clients. However, many businesses overlook a key focal point of all commercial spaces — light fixtures. Employing interesting office lighting design inside the workplace has the power to uplift moods, increase productivity, and pull the overall interior design together. Additionally, office lighting design has evolved to be energy efficient, health-conscious, and stylish. If you’re contemplating re-designing your commercial space’s lighting, check out some of our favorites below.

Implement Lamps to Add Warmth

To foster a welcoming and comfortable environment in your commercial office space, consider adding lamps for decorative, warm touches. Lamps are versatile and adaptable, meaning you can play with design, move their location, and change shades or bulbs to amplify or tone down the mood. Purchase complementary lamps for various offices, breakout zones, and conference rooms to create a cohesive aesthetic that still adds unique touches.

Modern Light Solutions Communicate Elegance

Sleek, sophisticated light fixtures can ramp up the class of any commercial space. Instead of flat overhead lighting, consider installing sleek wall sconces or pendant lamps. These alternative yet functional light solutions illuminate without washing out. Pendant lighting has come a long way and its designs range from art-deco to antique, and everything in between. Staff will be able to work efficiently with overhead, direct lighting, and clients will admire a space that is elegant and modern.

Budget and Environmentally Friendly

Many of our lamps and fixed lighting solutions come with motion sensors or timers. Offices have the opportunity to save money by solely lighting rooms when people enter. Less energy consumption also benefits the environment and may even help businesses take steps toward LEED Certification. Moreover, automatic lights make the space more enjoyable for employees coming in first thing in the morning. Welcome staff each day to an office with the lights on — they’ll definitely appreciate it.

Dynamic Lighting

Studies have proven that natural light increases productivity and improves focus. Light that matches our bodies’ natural circadian rhythms helps keep energy levels high during waking hours and improves sleep during evening hours. Use self-adjusting dynamic lighting throughout the office to facilitate better health and well-being for the entire staff. Fluorescent overhead lighting or bright, white lightbulbs can dampen spirits and cause productivity to wane as the week goes by. Instead, draw in as much natural light as you can and couple it with internal dynamic light fixtures for a higher-functioning and more alert office.

At Environments Denver, we take pride in offering our clients the most innovative lighting solutions to ensure their office is modern, elegant, and productive. Our lighting partners are ever-evolving with regards to trends in interior design, employee wellness, and energy efficiency. Their goal is to create game-changing solutions, fit for commercial spaces of all shapes and sizes. To learn more, contact us today.