As our country’s economy continues to grow and evolve, so too do our office spaces. These areas transform on a continual basis, becoming increasingly modern hubs that foster productivity, efficiency, and connectivity. Recent years have ushered in advanced ergonomic office furniture, like sit-to-stand desks and posture-promotive seating. 2019 has continued along a path of invention by recognizing the need for contemporary office furniture that contributes to communal and coworking spaces.

Just as furniture function changes over time, so too does its form. This year’s office furniture textiles are experiencing a metamorphosis. Traditionally, commercial decor was supposed to blend in, coordinate, and convey a natural, unassuming attitude so as not to distract from the workday. Now, as modern working citizens continue to strike positive work-life balances, we have gradually started to ask more of our workspaces. Textiles are stepping up to answer that call and designers are elated to incorporate playful patterns, vibrant colors, and contrasting materials in contemporary office furniture. Offices can be functional and feisty, efficient and elegant. If you’re considering an interior makeover, check out these textile trends of 2019.

Eye-catching Color

Gone are the days of taupe, beige, and gray. Upholstered office furniture is undergoing a Renaissance that involves colorful fabrics that were made to stand out. Bright yellows, pinks, blues, and reds are implemented so as to highlight the office’s interior space. Some hues are known to boost moods, increase productivity, or promote tranquility. Furthermore, coworking and communal spaces are utilizing vibrant lounge pieces that are inviting to all individuals. Even the humble desk chair has earned a makeover and upholstered seats are available in a plethora of colors.

Unexpected Texture

Conventional office chairs usually make use of faux-leather, vinyl, or other synthetic textiles. However, as offices continue to integrate elements from mother nature, such as real wood and indoor plants, the urge to incorporate similar natural products into the furniture grows as well. Offices are spending a little more on high-quality, natural materials like leather, cotton, and wool to create warm, welcoming breakout zones and conference areas. The transition from understated office space to inviting living room is aided by luxurious throw pillows, comfy couches, lush rugs, and accent curtains.

Textile Versatility

The use of textiles throughout an office space is no longer limited to furniture. Design teams are implementing fabrics to break up an open plan office by offering quiet areas behind cloth-covered partitions. Acoustic paneling is comprised of various textiles and offers privacy in less structured offices. These fabric-covered panels can be hung as statement art pieces while offering a degree of sound masking.

Textiles provide interior designers the opportunity to shake up the overall aesthetic and present a more progressive image, without an intensive revamp. Vivid colors and natural materials grant any office an individual personality while textile-based furnishings, like acoustic paneling or partitions, help even the most traditional of industries change the flow of their space. At Environments, we can steer your office toward an enlightened aesthetic through our use of high-quality office furniture and distinctive décor. Contact us today and we’ll help you select the contemporary office furniture you’ve been dreaming of.