Creating a space that is both fun and engaging for employees and clients provides an instant upgrade to your commercial office design. A few crucial elements are needed to truly define an outdoor space and make it an enjoyable place to take lunch breaks, host meetings, or catch up with co-workers over coffee. Here we highlight important factors business must consider when designing a commercial outdoor space.

Communicate Your Message

Elements of an exterior space can speak volumes and communicate your company’s style, energy, and focus. For example, spas, salons, and medical centers may want to exude a sense of tranquility and peace, so they would benefit from incorporating comfortable seating, quiet enclaves, and earth-toned features. Cutting-edge industries, like those in science and technology, may want to utilize a more modern design that communicates innovation and progress.

Harmonize with the Architecture

Your building’s architectural style and exterior paint color will play the biggest role in dictating the types of design elements you should choose for the outdoor space. Use complementary colors and harmonious furniture to ensure your building and the exterior space are in sync. For example, if your office building is a two story, historic brick building, then brightly colored, minimalistic furniture may draw attention away from your business instead of attracting people to it.

Highlight the Main Entry

The focal point of any company is its main entryway. Make yours inviting and attractive to potential clients by incorporating potted plants, a water feature, and perhaps a comfortable place to sit. The front door acts as your first impression, and a well-maintained, attractive entrance has the power to deliver a positive, lasting one.

Encourage Flow and Engagement

Your outdoor space should continue to communicate hospitality throughout the entire area. Provide ample seating and gathering spaces around fire pits and tables to foster conversation and connection. Facilitate the flow of your commercial outdoor space to funnel clients toward the entrances. Well-maintained pathways and landscaping work well to attract people to your business.

Conserve Energy and Promote Green Practices

It’s in a company’s best interest to conduct environmentally conscious practices; minimizing one’s footprint is the best place to start. Design your outdoor space in a way that decreases the building’s overall energy use. Install wind walls, rain catchers, and shade to keep the business operating at maximum efficiency during all seasons. Creating space to plant and maintain a summer garden also fosters sustainability and provides a team-building project for staff to collaborate on outside of the office.

Environments knows how to create engaging, attractive commercial office spaces. We understand the importance of high-quality commercial office design that accurately communicates your brand and image. Contact us for help decorating your commercial outdoor space.