When tackling an office redesign, it’s important to consider the many flooring options available. Your workplace flooring plays an essential role in determining the look, feel, and style of the entire commercial office design. When selecting your office flooring, give careful thought to the following key factors.

Consider Health and Safety

Colorado’s weather can turn on a dime. Summer thunderstorms can roll in and winter blizzards have been known to hit with little forewarning. Select flooring that can stand up to mud and snow. Durable, nonslip flooring can help protect your employees from slips and falls. Certain patterns and materials may better mask tracked-in grime and can be easily cleaned in little time.

Additionally, you may want to select floors that emit little-to-no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure your staff stays safe and healthy while at work. For occupations that require a fair amount of standing and walking, having softer, cushioned flooring can prove tremendously helpful in decreasing joint and muscle pain.

Weigh Affordable Options

When considering reflooring your commercial office space, you’ll need to examine the cost of both the material and installation. Certain surfaces like concrete, carpet, and vinyl are considerably less expensive than hardwood or rubber. Employing hardwood floors in key areas like the lobby or conference room may elevate the office’s aesthetic.

Calculate Lifetime Maintenance

Hardwood needs resurfacing to retain its shiny and smooth finish, whereas concrete may require staining or sealing throughout its lifetime. Be sure to build this into the cost of the flooring so you can make an informed purchase that fits well within your redesign budget.

Sound Reduction is Key

Depending on your industry, sound masking may be of top priority. Salons, doctors’ offices, and even large, open-floor plan office spaces can benefit from a cushioned floor. Quieter materials like vinyl and carpet are more absorbent than harder surfaces like tile, wood and concrete. To encourage a quiet environment, select a floor that is less likely to magnify sound.

Harmonize with Current Décor

Your commercial office design is of the utmost importance when communicating your company’s image, style, and brand. A space’s flooring can tie an entire office aesthetic together and provide a polished look. However, be mindful that your flooring doesn’t dominate the interior design. The color, pattern, and finish should harmonize with existing décor.

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