Innovations in office technology are constantly improving, paving the way for more efficient, comfortable work spaces. Sound masking is just one advancement in the realm of office construction that promotes efficacy in the work place. Environments Denver understands the importance of sound masking and offers a variety of services, including office interior design, to assist in creating a safer, more productive office. Here is everything you need to know about sound masking. 

What is Sound Masking?

Office buildings are inherently quiet spaces where conversations are easily overheard. Sound masking systems are comprised of multiple speakers placed throughout the office that generate a low-frequency sound. During business hours, the speakers emit an inconspicuous background noise that helps mask conversations. Since the ambient noise level is uniform, employees are less distracted by vocal interruptions down the hall or phone calls emanating from the adjacent cubicle. 

Sound Masking vs. White Noise

The term “sound masking” is often used interchangeably with white noise; however, it is not the same. White noise emits an audible, consistent sound similar to that of radio static. When used in volumes necessary to cover human conversation, it can be irritating and distracting. Sound masking is less noticeable and even creates a soothing sound, similar to a hum. It matches the volume of conversation and distorts words, instead of attempting to cover them with overpowering noises. 

How Does Sound Masking Work? 

Offices may implement direct or indirect sound masking practices, but both require placing small speakers throughout the office space. With direct sound masking, speakers are installed in the ceiling tiles and point directly toward the office space. This implementation encourages consistent sound masking throughout. Indirect sound masking hides the speakers in a drop ceiling and points them away from the office, toward the roof. Sound is reflected off the overhead barrier back down into the office space. 

Benefits of Sound Masking

Not only does sound masking make the office environment more peaceful, it also protects employees’ and clients’ private conversations. Depending on the type of business, customers and staff may exchange sensitive information regularly; this information may easily be overheard and used out of context. Releasing ambient noise throughout the office helps mitigate security risks and encourages employees and clients to feel at ease discussing sensitive matters. 

What’s more, with minimized distractions, office productivity will undoubtedly increase; employees will be better able to focus on the task at hand. With sound masking, they are less likely to be pulled away by distracting conversation or noise and can work uninterrupted. 

Sound masking has the ability to take your office environment to the next level. By installing this simple technology, offices have seen increased productivity throughout the work day. Sound masking also provides invaluable security for clients and employees, fostering a safe, personal space. If you’re thinking about upgrading to add sound masking in your office, Environments Denver can help. We offer a bevy of services, including space planning and office interior design, that better cultivate a productive work environment. To learn more about office design, give us a call today