Workplace design has proven to show a slow, gradual shift between trends. Colors, shapes, sizes and appearance have always been tasked with maintaining a cutting edge office. The goal is always to make the work environment inviting and to create areas where employees are empowered to work more productively and increase collaboration. 2017, however, could be the shift from revolution to evolution. Here are a few observations and predictions for what’s to come in our future.

“Generation Z” continues to enter the workforce

Millennials, or “Generation Z” (arguably those who were born between 1994-2010), are completing their educations and beginning their careers. Millennials have been raised with greater access to technology, more so than Gen X or Gen Y; automation has played a much larger role in their lives. Because of this innate understanding, companies are more attracted to millennials as recruits. Therefore, your workplace will become an essential tool for attracting and retaining this generation. How will you fit this mold?

Advancements in Technology

Technology as a whole is on the rise within the workplace. The popularity and efficiency gains from “wearables” and tablets are very useful, and will continue to have an impact on office furniture design. As these products continue to become more advanced themselves (such as the iPad Pro and Windows Surface Pro), they will eventually replace laptops, which have for the most part replaced tower PC’s. This will continually push staffers towards mobility, which changes the landscape (or “deskscape”) of employees. How will workstations adapt to these designs? Notably, the technology will free up work surfaces and show less clutter from mouses, keyboards and their cables. Workstations with access to additional power outlets and device outlets (USB, Lightning Ports and Micro USB) and wireless charging are very attractive features for millennials. Try to incorporate some of these modern ideas and products into your next project.

  • Aircharge Wireless Charging


The AirCharge solution enables millennials to power and charge their devices without the hassle of messy cords or cables. Designed to be easily installed in table surfaces, the sleek grommet fits into any standard 80 mm (approx. 3″) opening and can be integrated into a variety of spaces offering a convenient way to charge any Qi compatible smartphone or device without the need to carry charging cables or find an available power outlet. A steel mounting plate and screws are included allowing customers the option to secure the grommet in place.

Devices not equipped with the Qi technology, can be adapted to accept a charge from the AirCharge unit by simply placing the AirCharge Wireless Receiver on the grommet and connecting a device to the Wireless Receiver using the connections provided.

  • Seclusion Series with USB and Data Corded Units

seclusion-usb-and-data-2tThe Seclusion Series with USB and Data is a flexible solution that can easily be mounted to the top or bottom of table surfaces. Newly added configurations with the option for additional data  capabilities give users the ability to configure the Seclusion with all the appropriate data or A/V components to meet their individual project requirements. Powerful 2.1A USB ports charge your favorite devices while Tamper Resistant receptacles offer an added level of safety. An optional Seclusion Clamp On Accessory is available for effortless installation eliminating the need to cut or drill holes in the furniture.