Incorporating natural elements into the office can have a considerable impact on employee health and happiness. If you’d like to go above and beyond placing a few houseplants inside the building, you may be interested in creating a living plant wall. This option makes for a stunning statement wall, and often provides a host of benefits for team members and visitors. Interested in learning more about how living plant walls can transform the office? Here, we share why we love this nature-inspired concept.

What Is a Living Plant Wall?

The idea to grow live plants vertically and affix them to the wall became popular in the 1930s, and this aesthetic has been making a comeback in recent years. Several different types of foliage may be used for green walls, and the best fit for your office will depend upon the climate in your area and level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to. A variety of fern and ivy species are classic choices, and will look lovely and timeless in any building.

Benefits of Living Plant Walls

Nature has a calming effect on humans, and studies have shown that simply being near plants can boost employee morale and happiness. If you’re looking for ways to bring natural elements into the office, a living plant wall could offer a calming presence in a common area, such as the lobby or conference room.

In addition to offering a pleasing visual effect for the space, a living plant wall may improve the air quality in the office. Plants are highly effective for naturally filtering the air, leading to a reduction in carbon dioxide levels. A green wall may also reduce unwanted noise, further cultivating a peaceful office environment. Vegetation absorbs and muffles high frequency sounds, so a green wall located in a high-traffic area could serve as a low-cost sound-absorbing option. Many companies are interested in going green and reducing their carbon footprint, and a living plant wall is a viable strategy to cut down on energy usage. Depending upon the location of the green wall, its dense leaves may be able to reflect solar energy and take an active role in cooling the building during the summer months.

Incorporating a living plant wall into the building provides a focal point that ties together any room, and the vibrant green leaves will add timeless texture and dimension. If you’re interested in decorating with live plants or adding a green wall to your office, our team can help. We’ll work with you to create a plan for your workplace and ensure that your vision becomes a reality. To learn more about our services, please reach out to our team.